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  1. Bullsh*t. Vice City was definitely not a mod. It took place in a whole NEW city with whole NEW character, and a whole NEW storyline. Vice City brought buying properties and more guns to GTA and it was really a big step in the series almost that with GTA3. Again more than one character isn't good. It'll mess the storyline up. yeah i forgot about the storyline. i guess there shouldn't be multiple characters
  2. maybe they could do somethin at the beginning of the game like creating your own character and make it look like any kind of person you want they could make the character selection more deeper than any other game
  3. maybe they will make it your choice (at the beginning of the game) if you want to be male or female.
  4. I'd like to see Tommy of course and see Claude and have him finally talk for once..... if GTA 4 takes place after GTA 3 then Tommy would be kind of old in age.
  5. i like the idea of a drill and i wish you could have a nail gun but it has to connect to an air compresser. Well maybe you could strap a light air tank to your back and put a nail gun to someone's head and shoot a few shots.
  6. that's what i said in earlier posts (talking about animals)
  7. ya know how you drove your gang members in cars and they shot out of the windows in SA, well what if you could have your gang drive and you shoot. what if you could park your car and actually turn it off, instead of just parking it and leaving it running. it could be more realistic.
  8. yeah i was thinkin' about snipers too!
  9. that sounds cool. i like the part with it being in Italy.
  10. here's an idea, what if they were to put more wanted stars on instead of just six?
  11. yeah, i talked about animals and skateboards already. bringing back the deluxo would be awesome. i love that car
  12. when you crash in a car, you should be able to come out all bloody and scratched up! You should have maybe a broken arm or something and look like you should look like coming out of a big crash! i already said animals and skateboards
  13. So what kind of a place should there be? Even though San Andreas and GTA3 and VC were part of the U.S. they were still islands. Should the map be an island, islands, or joined with other land?
  14. maybe you could just pick up sticks off the ground and take one and stuff it in some guy's eye
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