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  1. Bear


    I agree! There are already two of us here. Clearly the best.
  2. Bear


    Probably haha. I'm in first year, even though people think I'm weird being a 21 year old Fresher.
  3. Bear


    This is weird! I'm studying French and Italian. I think they are both based in Cornwallis. I am in the SECL part by the theatre.
  4. Bear


    I'm at the Canterbury campus, I virtually live my life in Cornwallis. How about you?
  5. I hope that information is true as that would be amazing. I'm happy with it being just LS but I would like it to have small country towns for some variety.
  6. Bear


    I do want to go to Harry Potter world though *looks ashamed*.
  7. Bear


    *Insert BDSM joke* We need a TGTAP meet up. That would be so awesome. Would I be the only lady?
  8. Discussing world threats and problems in the world is fine. We are an open forum but you are constantly spouting out racist comments which is not tolerated. You have no evidence to back it up and you are just making yourself look like an idiot. I'm sorry but I will close this topic as you are inciting hate and are being racist, xenophobic, sexist and anti-Semitic and I will not tolerate it. This is a forum for discussion, serious discussions will always offend but they should be discussed rationally as we all have views. I am not closing this because of your views (which I think are appalling) but because you (Red Squirrel) are inciting hate and can not explain yourself in a sensible manner which is needed for a discussion.
  9. Bear


    I'm at the University of Kent too! Congratulations Sherman! Where have you moved too? I can't believe you have got married. Who is the lucky lady?
  10. I'm guessing you are a BNP supporter? Well I take it very offensively when people go on a hate campaign against all immigrants. I am an immigrant and so is my Dad. He works, pays taxes and contributes to the country he lives in, why should he has less rights then someone who doesn't want to work all because they are English. I am at university to better myself and make myself a valued member of society. Yes illegal immigration is bad, but that doesn't automatically equal terrorist. My view is that anyone who wants to come here and work is welcome.
  11. Bear


    The police does sound like an amazing career. Good luck
  12. Bear


    I'm now at university, studying French and Italian. What are you studying Artur?
  13. Bear


    Well as we are having a big old reunion and seeing the old faces pop up again, I thought it may be interesting to know what everyone has been up to in the last few years. After all a lot of us have grown from teenagers obsessed with GTA to being adults obsessed with GTA. Hopefully this isn't like school reunions where we secretly hope everyone has failed in life to make us feel better about ourselves.
  14. Perks maybe nice, if I count as a veteran of course
  15. Sadly busy lives + no news = no TGTAP But that's all fixed except the busy lives, I'm up to my neck in verb conjugations.
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