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  1. i vote 7 i like american idiot , holiday and wake me up when september ends
  2. i play Counter Strike 1.6 Counter Strike Source Battlefield 2 Call Of Duty 2 GTA: San Andreas Need For Speed Most Wanted
  3. ok sorry won't happen again bro and i am guessing thats thats 50 cent bullet proof.
  4. i am straight all the way baby
  5. Hi my name is Andrew i am 16 right now but i am turning 17 on october I come from a family of 4 i have 2 sisters and 2 brothers , i live in Irvine , CA i just graduated from high school and i miss all my buddies i just got a Girlfriend a couple weeks ago which i am very happy . i am planning to take as much college classes as i can so i can get school credit if it works out for me.I got accepted to UCLA. I am also getting a car for my birthday which i am very excited about. i do not smoke or drink or do any kind of drugs. i currently own a dell xps pc which is hella awesome. I also own a ps2 psp and a xbox. My favorite GTA game is GTSA i have always been a fan of GTA since GTA 3 game out. So thats it
  6. yea thats gordon freeman from half life 2 i think
  7. well lets see the radar loks fake and whats up with those weird numbers on top??
  8. i have GTA SA 2 but i want to degrade it to 1 so i got the patch 1 from thegta download section but when i load it up it stops at halfway and it says old file does not exist ???
  9. i de grade but when i load it up it says this application failed to start because borbisfile.dll was not found. reinstalling the application may fix this problem but when i reinstall SA and download the file again it says the same thing can someone help me??
  10. there should be a really big land and diffrent continets where you can fly to and there should be newer planes like the boeing 747 757 767 777 and the airbus and there also should be airlines like AA United Airlines Lufthansa Quantas and more and you can als obook a flight and there should be a lot of big airplanes and small in a a irport like on landing and one taking off it should be a busy airport
  11. its there a way i can turn GTA 2 into gta 1?
  12. can anyone help me on installing car mods for GTA SA 2 i mean i follow all the instructions but when i load it freezes at the half of the screen so i can't play it
  13. its that easy wellthnx bro WAIT evertime i load it takes me back to the beginning so what do i do i tried all the files but i t dosn't work
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