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  1. It is indeed a misnomer.

  2. It's kinda ironic that his name's cool dude and he has like the worst rep of the whole forum.

  3. Cool_dude

    Problem Uninstalling GTA SA

    why dont u delete all its components and then try to re install it if it does not work the try WRX22B1998 idea!!!!
  4. Easy with the kid guys, he's new around.

  5. I would ban you if I had the powers

  6. You really need to stop bumping old topics and posting posts that consist of 6 words or less. Just a suggestion.

  7. Cool_dude

    Favorite Radio Station

    V rock dudes.
  8. Cool_dude

    Sunshine Autos When It opens

    it never opens dude.
  9. Cool_dude

    Favourite VCS outfit

    i like casual
  10. Cool_dude

    gta vice city sotories

    yea i hav
  11. Cool_dude

    Vice City Mafia

  12. Cool_dude

    How to...

    u cant but u can replace using wheel mod 2.0
  13. Cool_dude

    holy crap

    ur late dude