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  1. Atrapos

    Favourite Music Genre

    Screamo and Melodic Death Metal are tied for my favorite music genres
  2. Atrapos

    Favorite Movies

    Happy Gilmore. I love that movie on so many different levels
  3. Atrapos

    Favourite Song

    Blink 182 - Not Now
  4. Atrapos

    What Movie Did You Last Watch?

    I could not agree more. It was such a horrible movie. I mean seriously, how bland do you have to be on ideas to name an extremely rare metal, Unobtanium.
  5. I think they do it so they get sympathy later in life for the bad choices they made when they were young. In the mid twenties they seem to start changing and go for the nicer guys, unless they married the idiot they were dating in high school.
  6. Atrapos

    Your Religion / Beliefs

    I don't have any religious beliefs.
  7. Atrapos

    Mature or not for GTA

    I think I started playing GTA when i was 14 or 15. I started with the 3rd one