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  1. I think it's a bit stupid releasing this game for the DS, as it's a bit like a girl's type console, I can't see it selling much. They should have released it for PSP instead.
  2. want a gang? Join the cold Russia Bkers.

  3. Holster


    Yeah I love Art, it's great! I'm gonna set up a deviantart account sometime, so I'll post some on that.
  4. Holster

    Introduce Yourself..

    Hi everyone, I'm new here. I joined a few days ago, I'm enjoying it here it's great.
  5. Holster

    Best Minesweeper times

    I'm still trying to beat beginner.
  6. Holster

    First GTA?

    The first GTA I played was GTA1, I was like 6 I think. Then I played GTA2, then Vice City, GTA3, San Andreas, Liberty City Stories, GTA London, and finally GTA Vice City Stories.
  7. Holster

    SCARFACE:The World Is Yours

    I'm definitely gonna get this game soon, it looks ace!
  8. Holster

    Tony Hawks Proving Ground

    I reckon this game looks awesome, I'm gonna check it out soon.
  9. Holster

    What are you currently playing?

    I'm currently playing : Diddy Kong Racing (N64) Quake (N64) GTA Vice City Stories (PS2)
  10. Holster

    Favourite Music Genre

    My favourite genre is Rock. You can't beat some rock music, I just love the attitude about it all.
  11. Holster

    What are you listening to right now?

    Slayer - Raining Blood
  12. Holster

    What Movie Did You Last Watch?

    Ali G Indahouse. What an ace film, hilarious too!
  13. Holster

    What are you watching right now?

    I'm watching Gamer TV on Bravo.
  14. Holster

    The Sopranos

    That looks awesome, I wish I would of started watching it from the beginning. I'll look for some episodes online.