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  1. London is definitely the highest on the list as far as possibilities. I personally would love to see one city fully realized, but what I think they are doing is Europe. So yes on London, but actually the UK, France, Spain, Portugal, Italy and Germany at least. Maybe the islands won't be that much bigger than San Andreas, just representing whole countries, with more in-between islands like Red County, Bone County etc, but Switzerland, The Netherlands etc. instead. Again, this is not my first choice, just something I think is likely. My first choice is probably more of a GTA2 future-setting. Crackdown will probably end up sucking, so it would be cool to see R*'s take on a future world, with better game production skills and resources.
  2. I have a simple little addition to YeTi's great tutorial: One final touch is adding a custom plate to my car. Between the "10000" and the "at", add this: plate "YOURNAME" Replace the YOURNAME with whatever you want, as long as it is no longer than 8 characters. It must contain no spaces, but your can use underscores "_" instead. I am going to use YETI. Now the code looks like this: 014B: $mycar = init_parked_car_generator #INFERNUS -1 -1 0 alarm 0 door_lock 0 0 10000 plate "YETI" at 2487.47 -1670.604 13.33595 angle 0 014C: set_parked_car_generator $mycar cars_to_generate_to 101 Also, a good mod to mention that would help with coding is Spawner. It generates code automatically based on your settings for vehicles, number plates, weapons/items and photo/oyster/horseshoe ops. Certainly, Yeti's tutorial should be read fully by anyone just getting started, but Spawner helps save time once you know what you are doing.
  3. Definately, True Crime blew chunks in so many ways. It should be simple, like the free-aim cheat but something you can trigger easily and you should be able to use any weapon while in a vehicle. I really want to cut off heads with my katana on a motorcycle! Character movement is a major deal for me. I personally think that all GTA characters have been physically challenged in many ways. There are plenty of games that have done this better (like Just Cause... demo out tomorrow PC/360!), so this could be easily remedied. I would also add in a wall run for jumping up walls and grabbing onto ledges. And as far as jumping upwards and long it should be like Slayer said, upwards while still and long while moving. They could even just make the upward jump activate by holding down the jump button.
  4. I think L1 + right analog stick because I use the right analog stick to move the camera around while driving by contorting my index finger across my thumb. This stemmed from making stunt videos on console versions to make the camera angles more dynamic. This is also better than tdog's because you can still use the left analog stick to drive.
  5. Fully rendered models... Yes! But this is a big hurtle for all of gaming. Basically, it boils down to hardware. Faster processors and more memory. R* however believes in graphics over gameplay. I am an artist, so fully rendered models is a big deal, but in terms of GTA not so much. The time it takes to do this detracts from the quality and volume of the games content. Spending more time on each model would cause other area of the game to lack. This would also tie up the systems resources, fully rendered= bigger files, and bigger files take up more memory. This will always be a big issue for developers, because hardware will always get faster and have increased storage. So they have to balance budget, time, graphical quality, content size and hardware limitations accordingly. I mentioned earlier in the thread about the future of game modding on consoles is commercial apps and I found this today: http://www.gamasutra.com/features/20060818/cifaldi_04.shtml It is Digimask's face rendering technology, and it is an app for Xbox 360 (an official app, not a hack/mod) that allows you to put your face on the character's of supported games. My rule in effect again... if you have thought of it, there are others or have and one of them has already done it! It is cool though, it means the future for consoles is modding apps like this one. It will support two games on the 360 to start but they haven't mentioned which games. I just hope GTA4 will be one of them!
  6. It has many impressive features like character creation, vehicle customization, multiplayer, executive functions like running your own empire and a denser layout with more content per block than GTA, but a smaller map than San Andreas. GTA certainly needs to be richer in many ways to continue pushing the envelope, but I am not sure you can really compare it to Saint's Row as a whole. Saint's Row will take selective aspects of GTA and make it better, but SR will not have aircraft, boats or motorcycles. Although, I believe all 80 vehicles it does have are customizable If we are talking about GTA competitors (I hate using 'competitors' because every developer should emulate certain universal aspects of GTA like non-linear free roam design,) then Just Cause should also to be mentioned. The map for it is over 250,000 acres (23 times the size of San Andreas) with over 300 cities,capital cities, towns and villages. It has 89 vehicle types and over a 100 vehicles including jet skis, underwater craft, motorcycles, multiple jets, parachutes, helicopters etc. The demo launches for 360 and PC next week so we will find out real soon if this deserves to be compared to GTA! It is coming out for PS2, 360, PC and Xbox simultaneously, this first game to do that I think (probably wrong, but you have to admit that is impressive.) It should be exciting either way to see what kinds of mods it spawns on PC. I feel there is going to be a need for a lockable free-aim mod! Damn auto-target!
  7. Thanks! It is a labor of love. Definately for PC, which isn't that difficult because you type for cheats, but on consoles this is a little more complicated. I agree! I love this cheat, even more so in LCS. I have a glitch I am working on which involves this cheat in LCS and it has never been so helpful. Cars Float on Water and Improved Traction + L3 Car Hop are a wonderful combination. If I can ever get my capture setup fixed I will post the LCS glitch. It has been described by a few as "the LCS glitch I have been waiting for." Sorry to be cryptic, but it is just so cool I have to wait until I have the whole presentation package complete (instructions, video and map.) Right, either a time stopped cheat during the daytime without the weather aspect, or your idea for freeze time, which I like better. I have been thinking about this one for a while. Few developers publicly support modding, and I forsee a big change in this respect sometime in the future. Instead of just ignoring this, they should be capitalizing on it. Using the internet for PCs and consoles, they should develop simple apps to allow this that we download via the internet, Xbox Live etc. I see a whole line of apps that work with different games, like one that allows you to mod your character's clothing in various games or other relatively irrelevant and astetic aspects of games. For GTA, there should be inexpensive apps that allow us to mod cars, clothing, assets. In many games doing so would just change the look without affecting gameplay or giving the player an advantage. This is virtually an untapped market and I bet we will see something like this in the near future. Of course for PC it is not so radical, but for consoles, having mod apps for sale would be a big deal!
  8. This has been in the works since Vice City was released. Honestly I think of at least two good things everyday, like I am sure many of us do, so it keeps evolving. Three drafts ago, right before SA's release, I had it organized differently so it went to 26. Thankfully SA knocked it down to 19, which made me happy, but wouldn't it be great to have to start over? GTA4 Wishlist -t- 1.Vehicles -Motorcycle Improvements: a. Full flips, not like the III engine where you reset at 180° up or down b. INDEPENDANT TORSO ROTATION! I don't know how many other GTA players have played Tony Hawk, Ricky Carmichael or Dave Mirra, but in those games and real life, FMX riders can rotate mid-air. However, Tommy and CJ cannot. It would greatly improve bike handling, tricks and landing control c. BUNNY HOP! Super important! Possibly the most important element in making the sports/games above cool and something R* needs to realize... you can bunny hop on a motorcycle! dMotorcycle/Bicycle tricks- Aerial maneuvers like a Nothing, Can Can, Tail Whip, Superman, Front/Back Flip etc. except for grinds. My reasoning for not including grinds is that in Tony Hawk you just press buttons to get a grind, but in VC and SA it takes skill to grind. It would take the fun out of grinding e. Stunt-proofing- If a build feature is not realized, allowing for custom stunt parks, then general changes should be made to the map allowing for more ramps, curved objects, rails and better placement. Somewhere between Tony Hawk's Pro Skater and real life. At the very, very least, we should be able to build a simple ramp, like a 2-4 foot kicker anywhere to stunt off of. f. Punching/Kicking/Melee from Motorcycles- Players can kick, punch, and swing weapons form motorcycles (Road Rash) -Jet Ski and Waverunner (w/ motorcycle physics like bunny hop, torso rotation, flips and tricks) -Hang Glider -Rocket-Powered Aircraft (like http://www.rocketracingleague.com/ .) -Parasailing -Naval & marine research submarines -Aircraft Carrier (drivable) -Car/Passenger Ferry -Formula One race car -Vehicles with boat trailers that work, allowing you to transport a boat across land -Large hovercraft ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hovercraft ) -Snowmobile (w/ motorcycle physics like bunny hop, torso rotation and flips) -Life-like Packers, cargo planes and choppers that actually carry other vehicles -Hydroplane ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hydroplane , http://www.rcboataholic.com/images/hulls/uhydro.jpg ) -Motorcycle with sidecar -Improved boating culture like populated marinas, boat launch, skiing stunt course, fishing, diving, underwater caves and shipwrecks -Water/snow skiing, surfing and skating -Draw your own paint job option for car mod shop* (see 'Custom Logo' below) and custom license plate option, allowing you to make personalized plates for modifiable cars. -Asset garages allow you to mod vehicles from your asset -No more disappearing vehicles. Vehicles stay where you leave them most of the time and pedestrian cars do not disappear when you turn around. Parking spaces function like temporary garages allowing the player to store a vehicle for a decent amount of time, but with a higher probability of it getting jacked. -Phone allows the player to call NPC characters to chat or to ask them to meet them. This functions like sending reinforcements, but allows the player to hang out with other main characters or get a ride form them -Six star wanted level includes Cargobobs and Hunters -Stunt tricks for all vehicles 2.Assets -Build Feature- I was dissapointed but not surprised there was no kind of build function in SA. It seemed like it was planned during development, via rumors pre-release and the casino in LV, but wasn't finished in time. Since GTA4 will be next-gen, there is no excuse not to have some kind of build function in the game. Not only should you be able to build a ramp somewhere for jumping, but you should also be able to build a house, HQ, Military Base, whatever. This works into GTA easily, since a common theme among crime bosses is laundering money through an otherwise legitimate business, like real estate, and the the buildings could then function as assets according to their design. Perhaps a tie-in with Avery Carrington? Build a Kaufman Cabs or other businesses and generate revenue according to location and demand. This feature would pull on the entire object library, and through progression in the game the player would unlock more buildings and objects. Furthermore, all buildings would have interiors, so drop the yellow markers. They are so 'arcade,' and if ALL buildings in GTA4 have interiors then there is no reason for markers! Just press Triangle to enter any door or window. Every building would have a set of other buildings of similar style and size and pull from a set of similar style and size interiors. These would be interchangeable and customized by the player in the building process. This would allow for stackable interiors, so the player could build a skyscraper or mansion asset with many interiors like a gym, a kitchen with eatable food, a pool etc. In relation to gang wars, this feature would allow the player to build barracks for his men, defenses or special buildings like a car shop or factory where the player can select what cars spawn -Cruise Ship- Driveable vehicle and asset. Follows a set path around the map and stops at ports. Has a heli pad on top, carries vehicles and has stackable interiors like nightclubs, food court, swimming pool, gym etc. -Skyscraper with stackable interiors -Destructible buildings and terrain -Boathouses- Boathouses at some assets function like asset garages, allowing the player to save watercraft 3.Character Features -Better jumping- flips, jump attack, wall run to grab higher ledges -Customizable hand to hand/melee combat expansion- select your attacks and moves -Throw moves, side step, dive and roll -Hide-In-Shadows -Pick locks (vehicle and houses) -More options for exiting vehicles like jumping forward, backward, left, right, onto the car roof or wing of the plane -Lockable weapon free aim on foot and in vehicles -Use all or most weapons from vehicles (ever see Black Rain? NRG + Katana= Drive-by Decapitation!) -Water diving -First person view -D-pad functions as emoticons outside of conversations. The player can customize the D-pad buttons with character animations and dialog, like setting the left D-pad button to make your character dance or say something from the main character's audio and animation libraries 4.Game Features & Options -The more control options for the player the better. To mangle a R* mantra, this is broke and it needs fixing! GTA4 should give the player complete customization over controls. This should also include new features like weapon free-aim lock -Multiplayer/LAN system-link 4 player/Two Player- I'm not holding my breath on this one, but seriously, even my grandma is screaming for this one... not really! If she was, she would probably say that the two player feature in SA sucked it hard, but she is always off her medication. At least give us a system link two player or split-screen -Mission Dreamer- This is my way of justifying having a mission replay feature in GTA. Everybody knows what it feels like to play a sweet mission when a new GTA comes out and you want to show your friends, but you saved after that mission. So the only way to show it off is to keep numerous saves, buy a cheat device, or play it to that point all over again! A solution is a sleep option when you save. Saving already advances the clock for sleep anyways, so when the player runs into the save icon, they can select 'save' 'sleep' or 'cancel'. By selecting 'sleep' the player lies down in bed and a selection screen appears where they can play any completed mission. Playing it again will obviously be a little different than the first time, but hey, how often are dreams exactly the same as real life? Dream missions would not effect the game -Gang Boss++ Gang Wars Expansion (executive functions as a gang leader)- Gang improvements like: squad tactics, way-point navigation, inventory control (item/weapon select your gang members,) behavior control (attack, defend, hold-fire,) gang member driving AI (you can ride passenger in one player and navigate by way-point, but more importantly your gang members could drive other vehicles with you as a squad.) Gang wars should cover the entire map like the 'territory glitch' in San Andreas, even in the water. Also, an RTS component where you can command whole units in proximity or by phone. This way you can control multiple battles on several fronts by giving commands on the game map, like setting way points for reinforcements. Each territory would provide you with X amount of gang members, so you could send reinforcements from other territories not under attack. Another feature that would tie in nicely with this would be a build feature... -GTA Director- Instant Replay Improvements & Screen Capture Instant replay records actual 3D data so the player can record, go back and adjust camera angles, then export to MPEG through the use of an in game (pause screen option) application called GTA Director. Battlefield 2 has this feature and not to mention the old X-Wing game! GTA Director allows the player to capture footage by recording the actual 3D game data with audio synch, edit camera angles, edit clips together, add music from GTA4 disk or Xbox Live then export or at least replay on their system. GTA Director also could allow the player to save screen capture images and then upload them to Xbox Live to share with others and even download to their computer 5.Weapons, Items & Clothing -Chain -Taser -Better infrared goggles -*Custom Logo-Simple drawing application within the game that allows players to draw logos for tattoos, shirts, hats, graffiti and car paint jobs. -Trigger satchels/car bombs while exiting a vehicle. In the previous GTAs you have to be standing on land to trigger these, which prevents you from triggering while rolling on the ground or falling from a plane -Faster clothes changing and better clothing menu organization/navigation. Clothes should be organized by type not brand. Each piece of clothing should be labeled with the brand and have a thumbnail so we can see it before trying on. Clothes should appear on character, not requiring them to walk in and out of the closet again -Food Slot- The player can hold extra food that functions like a med pack, replenishing health -Free Save- The player can save in a Camper and an extra slot is added that holds a tent or sleeping bag. When the slot is used, a camp is set up with a fire, tent etc. The player can save like normal and the save is tied to your vehicle so it is saved as well -Access to all police and military outfits -Gun Case- Assets contain a gun cabinet or closet arsenal allowing the player to change weapons. The case would only include weapons the player has obtained throughout the course of the game. Instead of spawning weapons outside assets as rewards for hidden packages, this would allow the player to choose what is available. Special weapons and items not found in stores could be spawned instead as reward for hidden packages -Remove Camera Reticle- Player can turn off the camera reticle when using a camera via display options. The is would allow the camera to function like a video camera during video capture. The player should also be able to crouch, ride in a vehicle and move while using the camera 6.Missions/Side Missions -At the federal wanted level the player would be sent to a federal prison if busted for a few missions that eventually lead to a missions like a prison riot, escape, prison closing and then you acquire it as an asset. Or you could start out as an ex-cop sent to prison! Easy way to limit early game player movement -Main character should be an corrupt ex-cop, allowing for police, FBI and army missions. I can't believe this hasn't been done yet. Undercover, CI, dirty cops vs cops, so many storylines -New side missions- Air delivery, treasure hunting using submersibles, stunt challenges using motorcycle/bike/jet ski/airplane tricks, police actions (not vigilante, police actions than can be performed anytime with cop outfit and cop car like drug busts, prostitution stings etc) 7.Cheats -Spawn codes for EVERY vehicle in the game! New system for vehicle spawn codes: 4-7 button Master code + 4 button vehicle id -Time Stopped code for 12:00pm and sunset, instead of just for nighttime. -Theme codes are events as well. Like the Beach Party Theme cheat for SA would not only change your costume and peds but create an actual beach party where you are standing, like the OGLoc dancing mission in SA. Other theme ideas are lowrider contest, air show, campground party, carnival etc. -Flying Cars cheat should have forward/hover feature like Hydra and wheels should be horizontal like the Cars Drive On Water cheat -If bunny hop is not added for motorcycles, then it should at least be a cheat code -Weapon/Item select when recruiting gang members. Allowing you to arm your homies to your specifications -In addition to the traditional button combo for cheats, an in game cheat application allowing for the player to toggle multiple cheats without having to press a hundred buttons -Repeat Cheat- short button combo cheat that repeats the last cheat entered -Clear Cheat- clears all active cheats -Super Grappling Hook- The grappling hook functions more like a high-powered gun with infinite rope, allowing the player to scale skyscrapers and hook onto planes and helicopters. -Walk On Walls- Player can walk/climb/crawl on walls like Spiderman. -Instant Reinforcements- Reinforcements arrive by car or parachuting from planes/helicopters quickly
  9. I have been advocating the need for a GTA wiki at gtadomain for a while now. After doing many complex articles and FAQs in the gtadomain forums, it became apparent to me that we needed a complete GTA knowledge base while working on the LCS FAQ. Every GTA site, including the wikipedia articles, are comprehensive but not complete. Now I can stop whining about it and just contribute to GTW! Of course it would seem that I was only one of many to arrive at this same point in time and space, and I am very excited to begin working on it as well as discussing future innovations. Not sure exactly who got the ball rolling, is it Gerard, Chris, Xenon? Either way, it F-N rocks! Thankyou. See you at the wiki.
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