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  1. noronha90

    VC cant get on line

    I have tones of mods too.. so i did this: i copied the whole rockstar games dir and pasted it in another folder in My Documents, and reinstalled the original vc.. then when i want to play online i can.. when i wanna play normally with mods.. i substitute them again..
  2. noronha90

    VC cant get on line

    to make it work.. download it at that site.. and make sure your gta VC doesnt have ANY mods dont forget to delete 2 "baka" files from the VCMP_maps dir
  3. noronha90

    A lil video I made.

    thanks dudes! if you could.. either email me or add me on the msn [email protected] (msn) [email protected] (email) thanks!!!
  4. noronha90

    VC MP released!

  5. noronha90

    VC MP released!

    somebody help me please!! i've downloaded it.. but i cant get it started! what do I have dto do to play it?! where do i put this? "Here are some servers for VC-MP: * VC-MP UK Vanilla Server: home.littlewhitey.com:5192 / * port 5192 vc mp server 12mb Finland Deathmatch mode You can also go to irc://irc.gtanet.com/vc-mp-servers (GTAnet IRC channel) and enter #vc-mp-servers to get more." which one of those are the IP and port etc.. sorry for the ignorance though....
  6. noronha90

    Super Spin!

    `which program do you guys use to film while you play?
  7. noronha90

    A lil video I made.

    whoa!! awesome dude pretty impossible hey.. help me here.. which program did yu use to "film" that?