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  1. PopLockingRoach

    Vehicle cheats on motorcycles?

    Chill out dude this is GTASA Discussion isnt it? Im just discussing it, no reason for that attitude.
  2. PopLockingRoach

    funniest thing ever

    I once got done with the mission were you save your girlfriend from the burning building after i saved her as soon as she stepped out a firetruck ran her over while she was on the sidewalk.
  3. PopLockingRoach

    Vehicle cheats on motorcycles?

    No you have all misunderstood me, I am talking about vehicle cheats such as flying , and nitrous cheats for motorcycles there arent any, everytime i put them in only 4 wheel vehicles are affected.
  4. Ive allways wondered why there weren't any vehicle cheats such as the flying vehicle cheat and the all cars have nitrous?
  5. PopLockingRoach

    Least Favourite Mission

    Tagging up turf is the mission i dislike most.
  6. PopLockingRoach

    sa handling editor program? handling.cgf file path?

    It worked, thank you.
  7. When it says load handling.cfg file and it says type in file path what is the file path i tried to copy and paste C:\Program Files\Rockstar Games\GTA San Andreas\data ,but that doesnt work.
  8. PopLockingRoach

    Installing non-vehicle mods with SAMI?

    I have no clue how to install mods other than vehicle mods using SAMI, I would like to know how to install mods such as skin mods, map mods, and weapon mods and others. Could someone provide me with a answer? Thank you.
  9. PopLockingRoach

    Gta Garage Edit isnt working

    sorry I figured out i had a v2 and needed a downgrader , I guess thats why you say allways search before posting.
  10. PopLockingRoach

    Gta Garage Edit isnt working

    My gta garage edit isnt working and I have no idea why. I havent downloaded anything besides garage edit.
  11. PopLockingRoach

    "writtin in hex code"?

    I need help understanding the hex code in the unmodded handling file, Im trying to change trucks into hydraulic cars so i can lift my trucks.
  12. PopLockingRoach

    Installing Skin Mods?

    I really really really would like to play with the superman skin mod with the super powers but i just cant figure out how to install it.
  13. PopLockingRoach

    Spot Light

    Kinda looks like a burger shot box?
  14. PopLockingRoach

    Car Dealerships?

    Ive allways thought it would be a good idea to have car dealerships in the game similar to what Saints Row did.
  15. PopLockingRoach

    Ultimate Editor

    When i check the yes box on enabling the codes and then i start my game i press the shift and what ever button i need to press but nothing happens. How do i get the codes to work in the game?