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    electric guitar, emo, rock, hardcore. PS2, GTA VC and SA.
  1. Em the big bill

    your favourite thing about sa

    i really enjoy two player gameplay, getting as many stars as we can and trying not to die.
  2. on the "goodbye my love" level race against man from GTA 3 Liberty City.
  3. Em the big bill

    only Cesars race to do?

    i got to 2nd place by getting a good head start dont crash into the other cars and its easier when your upfront.
  4. Em the big bill

    Have Rockstar overdone it?

    If CJ falls into water inside a car will he sink then drown or get out and swim to the surface?
  5. Em the big bill

    When will you be getting your copy of GTA : SA

    I ordered my copy from amazon, it should come on 29th or 30th, has anyone else ordered from amazon?
  6. Em the big bill

    Left analog control or Dpad for movement!

    i voted for left anolgue stick, its easier on my thumb but driving is better with the d-pad as you said.
  7. Em the big bill

    Is GTA SA sounding too much like "The Sims"

    rockstar will avoid making this game like any other, customization is great!
  8. Em the big bill

    Two Player Mode!?

    i think if there is a two player mode it would be bigger news than it is. i would like 2 player though.
  9. Em the big bill


    wouldn't it be cool if there are hovercrafts in GTA san andreas, then you can go on land and sea without changing vehicles, will it have this feature? Be way cool if it does.