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  1. yea, you can say cjs a pussy because he ran...but didnt toni just come back in lcs? he left to, but no ones talking about that. just because cj had a family, as far as we know tommy had none, cj was trying to protect sweet and all his people.
  2. god damn, lol. people gettin all pissed and stuff. yes ciggarettes are bad, yes weed is actually "helthier" than cigs, but its to much weed that does the thing. i can see gettin together with friends and jus chillin and having a good time, but its when they smoke weed EVERY day, and get to used to it, and move on to ecstacy, or something worse like cocaine. Atleast everyone i know smokes weed, if not snort coke, or pop pills, i do none of it, i ahte gettin water up my nose, f*** cocaine, and icant take pills, body like rejects cause i od'd a year back from tryin to....well you know.
  3. dipsets pretty good, though i dont like camron all that much. i recently got into canibu, big pun, chino xl, n jadakiss. I agree, rap now a days is bullshit, youbg joc and all that, f*** that, i want some dr dre, old school eminem, royce da 5'9, stuff like that. and for those who like lyrics, joe budden recently released a mixtape, but its more like a album, called mood muzik 2, and it got 4 stars in every magazine, a nd some people call it a lyrical masterpeice, and has a song on the same story telling level as eminems "Stan", its called three sides to a story, and the 1st 3 verses are introducing the characters, n the 4th is him telling the story, its a great song, yall should check it out.
  4. lol, well thanks, i know where you comin from though....but every one dies, i mean its bad to think about, but its a fact of life, and plus its just in my family to smoke, everybody in my family smoked, im suprised it took this long for me to start. But i dont do it ALL the time like some people, just when i get really mad or depressed, it calms your nerves, thats what i like, cause i got depression and stuff. Boo hoo, poor me. Not an excuse, just sayin, you know?
  5. yea, i thought the same thing, one of my friends had a black and i liked it, honestly, ciggarettes do taste like shit, but blacks, they taste like choclate or something. And yea, that would be kidna hard, hidin it and all that, coverin up the smell and everything.
  6. lol, no, i jus turned 18, tryed smokin n liked it, i cant stand lil fags that act cool cuz they smoke, i see where your comin from.
  7. if so, what u smoke? i smoke newports, kools, n black n milds
  8. uhm.....i dont have a link, but if you have aim or yahoo i can send it to you.
  9. how does setting a game before the original tie up loose ends after the game?
  10. well as you know royce used to run with eminem. Joe budden is considered to be one of the most gifted lyricist in rap, pacewon is somebody that eminem used to rap with before he got ultra big, and jadakiss is just a good rapper, sly boogy is a underground rapper from the west coast. And of course theres a shitload of freestyles because thats a part of rap, freestyle. And shit on yuo is a song d12 did in t he past, and royce took it, did a diss to them over the beat. and as for joe budden, i think being able to remix a whole song like sing for the moment with a freestyle is very, very impressive. just check them out, if your a true fan of rap, you'll enjoy them.
  11. i have a few..... Claude because hes so like, up yours about everything, like " ill do this for you, screw with me, i kill you" type of thing. Sal because hes jus so over the top about things, " ill cut that f***ing bastards head off and make him suck my dick with it! damn triads!" plus i love the whole hes so up at the top of the food chain hes paranoid out of his tree. Toni (gta3) because he jus has the smooth demeanor, but he has a undertone thats kind of menacing, like " ok, heres what you did (explains mission), and if you dont do it, i cut your balls off, good luck kid."
  12. now i could be wrong, but going off the idea that lance was pissed that vic was in charge, lance could looked for some way to get ahead, maybe involved killing vic who knows, so lance found sonny....vic dies in the deal, sonny gets lance to team up with tommy for awhile, tommy gets to much juice in vice, sonny wants a peice, tommy says f*** off, lance turns since all is f***ed anyway, lance is killed, sonnys killed, tommy wins. from what i remember of vice that could work. or i jus thought all that shit up and im completely wrong, f*** it. oh yea, diaz comes in somewhere after lance hooks up with sonny, since diaz ambushed the deal...i think.
  13. I think itd be nice to have a giant triad war within the triads, like, sa triads fued with the other sets of triads there, also the liberty city triads come into play. Also, i think toreno would be great to come back, it was just toreno knew everything about everything but didnt shove it in your face, you jus wanna know everything he knows, he was just cool to me.
  14. yall know eminem shit already so ill skip him.... royce da 5'9- malcom x (diss to d12), shit on you (d-12 diss), T.O.D.A.Y original version, take me away, death is certain pt.1, throwback, hood hop freestyle, you cant hide, dont try this at home sly boogy- thats my name, its nothin, if you got crew, go dj freestyle, click click booyaka, ridiculous, grindin freestyle part 1&2, real spit joe budden- 10 minutes, whatever it takes, game freestyle diss, heartbeatology, deep cover freestyle, flava in your ear freestyle, training day freestyle, aint f***in wit me, sing for the moment freestyle remix, bangout freestyle, coming for you, grindin freestsyle, i run new jerz, calm down, rest in peace jadakiss- shots fired (50 cent diss), checkmate (50 cent diss), problem child (50 cent diss), gettin it in, they aint ready, times up, the champ is here, kiss of death, welcome to d-block, fiesta remix pacewon-theifs theme, won, locked part 1&2, rush ya clique, who you be, what you know, take me with you, the won, mc's, rockin with the best, stick up kids, eminem diss if you wanna know about the other shit i got let me know, i got lots of shit ya'll probably havent heard before.
  15. hey all, im new and all that.....but i think a good concept for a game would be, since its on ps3, and i read somewhere here that it could hold possibly all the gta games on one disc...would have to start the game off in vice city.......and completely tie up that chapter, then go to san andreas, and tie up what was left in vice and sa, then present time in liberty where you tie up everything. A good way to do it would make it like when you get done in some area like in liberty, you do missions in other areas that are blocked off.....but have every area unlocked to start, like no blocks from portland to staunton. get done with the missions in vice and say its 89...get done, san andreas a few years later, whoever you were in vice is thinkin bout expandin to sa.......and you have to stop him from takin over. get done with that....liberty would tie everything up. I jus think it'd be a fun idea, one giant game, tying every lose end up, may sound stupid to some, but id love it, and i know some others. People complain about the games being to short, well this would take a LOOOONG time to complete. And another thing, through out the game, the other citys would be accesible, like say you in liberty......get news from somebody in sa....and you have to go there and do some work. i just think thatd be straight up awesome if they did that. dont like idea, well f*** you.
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