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  1. well, looks like i may need some help. so i've been playing gta SA alot and i just got into moding it yesterday, had to do the whole steam switch over thing. but now when i try to start up the game it plays the intro and all that but after i load my file and it gets past the loading screen, the game errors and closes. Its the "end now" window. i think a possible reason for it is that i installed a mod today that involved me rewriting some of the scripts under models/player that involved a skin change. i didnt make a backup folder of the original player file and i regret not doing so. if someone could send me the original player file it would be much appreciated, or if you know of a better solution please tell me my email is [email protected] if you need to send me a file do it through my email and tell me if you emailed me on this thread, i dont check my email often.
  2. corgoth

    gta san andreas error, need help

    alright, i'll try re-installing it
  3. corgoth

    gta san andreas error, need help

    yes i have.
  4. corgoth

    gta san andreas error, need help

    well i downloaded the original player file and switched it with the current one and started up the game. bad news is it still had the same problem. any ideas on what could be causing it? after the loading screen it say loading data please wait for 1 second and then it errors and closes
  5. corgoth

    gta san andreas error, need help

    thanks for the help, im gonna try it now and hope it works