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Found 19 results

  1. Hi my gta san andreas (I use mods) keeps crashing with the same crash message and I was wondering is there anything I can do to fix it? Here is the image displaying said crash message
  2. Can someone can make the DFF models of: . 2007 Camaro Bumblebee .Optimus Prime . Ratchet . Ironhide . Starscream . G1 Megatron . G1 Starscream Everyone in High Res and Robot mode pleaseee... I will give Credits for it, Thanks for Your Attention Here the Folder with the TXD Textures: 162831457_Bumblebee072007.txd 2046387687_G1MegatronMovie.txd 2022990085_G1StarscreamMovie.txd 678072984_Ironhide2007.txd 1356377790_OptimusPrime2007.txd 1133404269_Ratchet2007.txd 280940855_RobovisionOptimusPrime2007.txd 2084741080_Starscream2007.txd
  3. Please help me find this skin if u have the download or know where I can find it please put it in the comments.
  4. I need a fast reply, please..... It is Important (maybe) What is the GTA3.img fle name for: PigPen Broadway(Car) and The other Strip Clubs I want to delete those Strip Clubs and modify Broadway **GTAPLACE: Please approve the post.Please **
  5. Would anyone be willing to join this server to see if it is actually up and working? Thanks in advance.
  6. So I recently purchased San Andreas for PC and i decided to download a trainer for it. When i installed the trainer and launched it, i tried to run San Andreas through it. When I clicked "launch," it said "gta_sa.exe not found." The directory has the application. I think maybe the problem is that it's "gta-sa" and not "gta_sa" but I'm not sure. Could someone please help me?
  7. I am having a heap of trouble trying to install a couple of clothes mods it keeps saying its corrupted. Can someone please install on a copy of their gta3.img and any other required files the: RedBull Clothes Mod: http://www.gtaall.com/gta-san-andreas/skins/15100-red-bull-clothes-v20.html RedBull Wingsuit: http://www.mediafire.com/download/9q41rmc40jjmz9r/Jokke+Red+Bull+Wingsuit+by+%5DSB%5BFlow.rar RedBull Parachute: http://www.gtainside.com/en/download.php?do=detail&cat=124&start=721&id=29450&orderBy= And email me the modded .imgs at [email protected] If someone does this i will worship them as a god!
  8. i just downloaded darksteam client and downloaded gta eflc,btw my gta version was i think or something.And i went to the downloaded folder and clicked on the launch for it and it loaded the razor logo and music and then went black,and then it said eflc has stopped working.How big is gta eflc folder size,cause mine is 3.76 gb.And btw i installed gta iv from amazon and it loaded.
  9. hello friends How can I Upload Mod For Vice City
  10. Hello, I'll straight to the request. I have created, rendered, etc one model with Google SketchUp 8 . But I made this model not to render it or smth... My biggest desire is to use it in gta sa as a car model, best would be Blista Compact (at least for single player mode). But I can't do that, whether my pc is too slow or I'm doing something wrong. So please could someone convert this model into gta car model for me? My email is [email protected]. In this post I will add rendered picture and the model it self, to open it you may need to have Google SketchUp 8 (it can export models in other formats). Picture and model attached via links. Model: http://www.2shared.com/file/ui1Dzn5v/AutoSave_kieme_kadet_2.html Picture: http://www.2shared.com/photo/xFRi-6dV/u_HD.html Thank you in advance!
  11. I am new to the whole modding thing. And just wondering if you can mod GTA4 on xbox360? And if you can how? Any help will be appreciated.
  12. i was just loading up gta 3 (load game and stuff) and when the game started the ammunition and pay n spray. they were there the last time,this happened to me twice and im on the 2nd island. so could someone please tell me whats wrong? :'(
  13. Hello guys, Now on this forum I have been seeing many problems so I've kinda experienced them my self. Q. My spray paint ran out while I was doing a tag in Los Santos' You've got bad luck, your status of spray and 100% competition will now be '###' sadly I cannot fix this. Sorry. Well you can always load a save or start a new game if you're that worried about 100%. To prevent this in the future check you have enough paint or use the Unlimted Ammo cheat. Q. Hey! What's this I can't play basketball!! For some reason when you save in Madd Dogs' mansion you get a bug that will not let you play basketball again. To fix this change your appearance completely ( accessories like watches too). And then save 3-4 times ( not in Madd Dogs house) and then try again. Q. Why can't I work out in the gym? It says I worked out enough today and I've waited for ages? Well, sometimes you just have to wait trying 24 minutes later ( a day in the game) if that doesn't work change your appearance like told in the basketball glitch. Q. I'm having trouble with another minigame not listed here! To fix this change your appearance completely ( accessories like watches too). And then save 3-4 times. Q. Dude! Why the hell is there territories everywhere now? Including the desert, san fierro and las venturas. This glitch was something that was not meant to be implemented by Rockstar. When you go to the southwest or southeast area of the map and get out of the boundaries of the map for 15 minutes + then comes back, you will see there's territories everywhere, so you can capture the whole map, the problem with this is that all you will see if Groove Street Families and only Groove Streets cars. There is no way to fix this only by loading a save or starting a new game. Q. My PS2 console says my disk is dirty! You have a model that is not compatible with San Andreas, like me. The only way to fix this is not use cheats. Q. My game is laggy!! Probably because you used to many cheats or if your playing on a computer, your computer is not good enough to handle it turn down the graphics quality to low. Q. My game keeps crashing! If you are on a PC Go to documents , and you will see a GTA Sanandreas folder there click it and delete the .set file. Dude you don't see it? It's right over there dude! Phew, you finally found it. If you are on a PS2/Xbox/Xbox 360 it's because you used too many cheats! You cheater! Okay I guess that about covers just reply to me with more questions and I'll try answering them.
  14. Hi, I can't seem to find the answer to the problem I'm having with my SA cars. Almost every car I download ends up in the game shiny chrome to the point where you cant tell what the color actually is or the decals or wording on the vehicles is not even legible. I figured it was just something with the models I was downloading however, pretty much everything in the game that should be sliver, is chrome (windshield wipers, grill etc). Occasionally form far away the color is normal but then turns to this chrome. I'm at my wit end with this! I've searched and searched Google and found nothing so I was hoping you folks had the answer. I'm using SA on my Mac. I've included a screen shot. Thanks in advance!
  15. Okay, if you have downloaded the 'Total Gangs Mod' for GTA:SA - You'll know what I'm on about. You know where you have to replace the normal GTA3.IMG files with the modded ones by using IMGTOOL.EXE? Well there's about 40 of them, is there any way to do this all in one go instead of doing it one by one? Thanks!
  16. Someone please help me, i installed a couple of vehicle mods for GTA IV, and now it won't start, i do get the LaunchGTAIV.exe but after 5 seconds it goes away, and nothing happens, i tried a crack to fix it but that didn't work either. could someone help me out? Do u have a solution or an intact vehicles.img file?
  17. well, looks like i may need some help. so i've been playing gta SA alot and i just got into moding it yesterday, had to do the whole steam switch over thing. but now when i try to start up the game it plays the intro and all that but after i load my file and it gets past the loading screen, the game errors and closes. Its the "end now" window. i think a possible reason for it is that i installed a mod today that involved me rewriting some of the scripts under models/player that involved a skin change. i didnt make a backup folder of the original player file and i regret not doing so. if someone could send me the original player file it would be much appreciated, or if you know of a better solution please tell me my email is [email protected] if you need to send me a file do it through my email and tell me if you emailed me on this thread, i dont check my email often.
  18. Hi i have ps3s setup to run mods and was wondering if there are any mods for the ps version of this game ? I have seen a couple on youtube but im not sure if they are real . And im thinking you guys should know . cheers
  19. I patched the game to and I got the missing menu problem,I need Fonts.dat and Fonts_r.dat(base game if possible) I have alot of mods and I dont want to reinstall to copy them... I can run the game but I need to reduce the settings because it lags....help me please! Email - [email protected](or attach them to a reply) I will buy you a vodka and call you major.
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