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  1. If it's possible, I would like a mod that makes water more dynamic. The only physics I see in the game's water are when you fall into water from a medium height, but those waves look good. I wan't a mod where the places I swim in get ripples, when I'm in a boat I want to see waves being created. Don't know if it's possible or if its easy or hard, but thanks in advance.
  2. There is no higher Or use GTA Garage Mod Manager, specially made for vehicles. Only downside is that you can't install tuning parts for it. Works perfectly on 64bit too. I tried with it first, that program was the one that made my GTA crash. I'll try using the gta3.img of my neighbors (i gave them the game too)
  3. Well, this is my 1st post, i was putting new cars to my GTA (with GGMM because SAMI didn´t work for me) and when i finished, i executed the game. When it was loading, the game crashed just when the bar was half-filled and then the classic windows 7 message appeared: "GTA San Andreas.exe stopped working" I put "close program" (I don´t know if i translated this well, my Windows 7 is in spanish) Later I tried with SAMI (I needed framework 1.1)i put the new cars but it still was the same. I had modded cars before, but this is very strange to me. Any answer? P.S. Sorry if i have bad english, i speak spanish.
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