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Found 15 results

  1. I downloaded GTA San Andreas with some mods that in the past worked perfectly and now when i play for 2-3 minutes it freezes and i get the error "gta_sa.exe has stopped working". I tried solutions that are on the internet and still the same error. I installed Ultimate Asi Loader and Open Limit Adjuster (StreamMemory fixes too) but i still get that error. Can someone help me ? Note : I use Windows 7
  2. KREAK Gta SA Horror movie Guys..This is my new machinima.hope y'all like it ..watch it and support
  3. a big box is apearing no text
  4. I need a fast reply, please..... It is Important (maybe) What is the GTA3.img fle name for: PigPen Broadway(Car) and The other Strip Clubs I want to delete those Strip Clubs and modify Broadway **GTAPLACE: Please approve the post.Please **
  5. I like to give my 100% completion files for PC with collecting rare and special vehicles. Download it and enjoy. I will tell where all of special vehicles are located. 1.) Ganton - BP/FP S.W.A.T 2.) Santa Maria Beach - EP Mule, Black Perennial, AP PCJ-600 3.) El Corona - AP Tampa, BP/FP/EP Savanna, AP Sultan, BP Forklift 4.) Mulholland - AP Sanchez, BP/FP Tahoma, FP Greenwood, AP Admiral 5.) Palomino Creek - AP HPV-1000, BP/FP/EP/MP Elegy, BP/FP/EP/MP Fortune 6.) Dilimore - AP Sadler, FP/EP/DP/MP BF-400 7.) Doherty - Black Stretch, EP Camper (The Mothership) 8.) Paradiso - Chrome Yellow Burrito, Brown Khaki Camper, AP Feltzer 9.) Hashbury - AP Merit, FP/EP/DP/MP Rancher, AP Firetruck II, FP/DP/MP Rumpo 10.) Calton Heights - AP Boxville, Green Pizzaboy, AP Sentinel, AP FCR-900 with Red Rim 11.) Verdant Meadows - Black Bobcat, AP Maverick, AP Maverick, AP Camper (The Mothership) 12.) Verdant Meadows Hangar - Green Packer, AP Packer 13.) Fort Cartson - AP Infernus, Berkley's RC Van, AP Sabre 14.) Whitewood Estates - BP Walton, AP Buffalo 15.) Redsand Wests - AP Admiral, EP Admiral 16.) Rochshore West - AP Greenwood, AP Sentinel, Red Black BF Injection 17.) Prickle Pine - AP Buffalo, AP Newsvan, AP Vortex, AP Glendale Never Busted! Weapons: Unarmed, Katana, Desert Eagle, Sawnoff Shotgun, Micro SMG, AK-47, Sniper Riffle, Vulcan Mini Gun, Tear Gas, Camera, Cane, Night-Vision Goggles. Criminal Rating: OG (208421) Here are download Links: http://gtasnp.com/593BYV or http://www.mediafire.com/download/d9lk5e1px6avl73/ NOTE: I NO USE Garage Editor to get these Special Vehicles!
  6. Hello, I'll straight to the request. I have created, rendered, etc one model with Google SketchUp 8 . But I made this model not to render it or smth... My biggest desire is to use it in gta sa as a car model, best would be Blista Compact (at least for single player mode). But I can't do that, whether my pc is too slow or I'm doing something wrong. So please could someone convert this model into gta car model for me? My email is [email protected]. In this post I will add rendered picture and the model it self, to open it you may need to have Google SketchUp 8 (it can export models in other formats). Picture and model attached via links. Model: http://www.2shared.com/file/ui1Dzn5v/AutoSave_kieme_kadet_2.html Picture: http://www.2shared.com/photo/xFRi-6dV/u_HD.html Thank you in advance!
  7. PLEASE HELP!!!!! I have gta sa with mods, it is downloaded, and when i play after 10-15 minutes it freezes with sound, like the radio keeps playing, but the screen is frozen, and when i try to press escape nothing happens, i have to start task manager and force close the game. PLEASE HELP!!
  8. PLEASE HELP!!!!! I have gta sa with mods, it is downloaded, and when i play after 10-15 minutes it freezes with sound, like the radio keeps playing, but the screen is frozen, and when i try to press escape nothing happens, i have to start task manager and force close the game. PLEASE HELP!!
  9. This actually works http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O6PS0kjXs5I
  10. Can someone help??? I need to know how to create dff files for sa. Is it possible using Google SketchUp PRO? i made 3d models of vehicles in SketchUp. The files are in .skp, some have been converted to .3ds. Is there anyway to convert the file to .dff using Google Sketchup?
  11. Hello guys, Now on this forum I have been seeing many problems so I've kinda experienced them my self. Q. My spray paint ran out while I was doing a tag in Los Santos' You've got bad luck, your status of spray and 100% competition will now be '###' sadly I cannot fix this. Sorry. Well you can always load a save or start a new game if you're that worried about 100%. To prevent this in the future check you have enough paint or use the Unlimted Ammo cheat. Q. Hey! What's this I can't play basketball!! For some reason when you save in Madd Dogs' mansion you get a bug that will not let you play basketball again. To fix this change your appearance completely ( accessories like watches too). And then save 3-4 times ( not in Madd Dogs house) and then try again. Q. Why can't I work out in the gym? It says I worked out enough today and I've waited for ages? Well, sometimes you just have to wait trying 24 minutes later ( a day in the game) if that doesn't work change your appearance like told in the basketball glitch. Q. I'm having trouble with another minigame not listed here! To fix this change your appearance completely ( accessories like watches too). And then save 3-4 times. Q. Dude! Why the hell is there territories everywhere now? Including the desert, san fierro and las venturas. This glitch was something that was not meant to be implemented by Rockstar. When you go to the southwest or southeast area of the map and get out of the boundaries of the map for 15 minutes + then comes back, you will see there's territories everywhere, so you can capture the whole map, the problem with this is that all you will see if Groove Street Families and only Groove Streets cars. There is no way to fix this only by loading a save or starting a new game. Q. My PS2 console says my disk is dirty! You have a model that is not compatible with San Andreas, like me. The only way to fix this is not use cheats. Q. My game is laggy!! Probably because you used to many cheats or if your playing on a computer, your computer is not good enough to handle it turn down the graphics quality to low. Q. My game keeps crashing! If you are on a PC Go to documents , and you will see a GTA Sanandreas folder there click it and delete the .set file. Dude you don't see it? It's right over there dude! Phew, you finally found it. If you are on a PS2/Xbox/Xbox 360 it's because you used too many cheats! You cheater! Okay I guess that about covers just reply to me with more questions and I'll try answering them.
  12. Visit my YouTube channel to see lots of awesome GTA VIDEOS with animals, zombies, CJ's own house party and lots of Custom made missions and mods CHECK IT OUT Please rate & Comment on YouTube if you have a account http://www.youtube.com/user/spidermight
  13. Well, this is my 1st post, i was putting new cars to my GTA (with GGMM because SAMI didn´t work for me) and when i finished, i executed the game. When it was loading, the game crashed just when the bar was half-filled and then the classic windows 7 message appeared: "GTA San Andreas.exe stopped working" I put "close program" (I don´t know if i translated this well, my Windows 7 is in spanish) Later I tried with SAMI (I needed framework 1.1)i put the new cars but it still was the same. I had modded cars before, but this is very strange to me. Any answer? P.S. Sorry if i have bad english, i speak spanish.
  14. Hello people. First, before anything else, I'll explain my situation. I am trying to install GTA SA in linux (ubuntu 10.10) and as I could never do (permission issues) in my escristorio extracted it and tried to install from there. At the Prince de all, I get the following: ... Can u help me? pd: I have configured the installer for windows xp. sorry for my bad english
  15. Hi, Guys, I have a problem, actually two -.-" The first problem is with my GTA SA modding. I can't mode it anymore. Also my entire GTA SA map is 'Read Only' and I can't uncheck that. I've tried with SAMI and IMG Tool, but it just crashes... And yes, I've patched it Help please? The second problem is, that when I could mode, I installed a bike, that needed right player position on it. So the file bikes.ifp has been replaced. The new position was like s***. The player was literally lying on the bike, even my dad laughed when he saw it. But here is the problem, I can't install the original position, and I've tried everything! I replaced with the original file, I replaced it with an original file from some web page with original file, I reinstalled the game, but still nothing! The player is still lying on the! Please help me! Thank you P.S. I also attached the picture, when the stupid player is lying on the stupid bike...
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