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    Customization is the key to a great game.
  1. Ahhh! I remember you!! you were in the KFM? and got caught cheating the bank??

    Anyway LAWL happy birthday

    -woozie2 :P



  2. sandlercd_22


    Is there any way to like...demote the software back to 2.0? Sorry im not the original owner of my psp. I got mine used for 20$.
  3. sandlercd_22

    What cars would you like to see modded?

    I think its dumb that the "rolling ramp" truck can lift and lower its ramp but the cars wont stay on. that would be cool.
  4. sandlercd_22


    Can you change it to 333mhz on 2.6? I got version 8 installed already but i dunno how to change the speed.
  5. sandlercd_22

    Cheat Device...WHAT?

    Ok i got the device loaded but how do you accually use the cheats? It says simply load but than what? Nevermind...got it.
  6. sandlercd_22

    Bad Game

    I just thought that the whole "thug" thing was stupid. go a differnt direction besides that.
  7. sandlercd_22

    I have been hacked!

    NJ dude. i always thought u were the ultimate haxzor. guys prolly s**ttin himself right now.
  8. sandlercd_22

    The Warriors

    Great, now i have to decide. I wanted to buy True Crime: NewYork City but now tha i hear about this im not sure. I kinda lost my intrest for this when i went to the gaming store and saw it on the resell shelf.
  9. sandlercd_22

    Your Christmas Wishlist

    I want: Xbox 360 COD:2 350 small block with a 4 berral carb gas money
  10. sandlercd_22

    LCS letdowns

    They also promised some stuff in SA like being able to recover your rides in the police impound. Rock* isnt perfect, no one is. Im just waiting for another platform GTA.
  11. sandlercd_22

    A question

    I dont need to worry about that cause i get my gf to moan my name all the time .
  12. sandlercd_22

    Three Word Story

    Then they went...
  13. sandlercd_22

    101 things to do with a PS3 controller

    26:Tie the cord around your head with the "horns" sticking out like a bull and piss off some cows...
  14. sandlercd_22

    101 things to do with a PS3 controller

    i have the best.... 20: NINJA GRAPLING HOOK!
  15. sandlercd_22

    What are you listening to right now?

    Fastball- The way