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  1. -=}{oT~dEv1L 666=-

    Bad Idea...

    Firstly, Video Games were initially meant for Kids. Secondly, Sega and Nintendo were the ones who started Video Gaming. Thirdly, they went almost Extinct on th late 1990s Then, Sony and Microsoft later took over the Video Gaming scene. Finally, Sony, Microsoft, Blizzard Entertainment, Rockstar Games, EA Games, Square Enix and the likes ruled Video Gaming. The End. So, GTA Advance is a GTA game for kids, really. I never really saw a single "F**K" or Swearing. So, why argue that it's a bad idea? It was intended to be a port of GTA3, but ended up being another game. So, are you saying that it is a bad idea even to TRY to port GTA3 to the GBA? If you don't like it, don't buy it!
  2. No, it will not be possible, if not Rockstar would have changed the name from "Grand Theft Auto" to "Superwoman Auto Thief".
  3. -=}{oT~dEv1L 666=-

    PS3 game in liberty?

    Liberty City has already appeared Five Times, so I think it will appear again, but maybe not as the setting of the game. Just an appearance, like in SA. Or maybe GTA4 will be set in Liberty City again but the version of LC would be different from GTA3, and bigger. I don't know. Just leave it to Rockstar, Guys.
  4. -=}{oT~dEv1L 666=-

    Cheat Device!

    I'm very pitiful. I've got Firmware 2.81 and my GTA LCS is patched version