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  1. I think Rockstar intentionally made it that way to make Portland missions more harder, and to discourage you from going to Portland. Also, the mafia are armed with normal shotguns, not Spaz 12s. Spas 12s were introduced in GTA Vice City. And the Mafia are only hostile to you after the completion of "Sayonara Salvatore", not "Last Requests". In order to achieve 100% completion of GTA III, you complete the Portland missions before that mission, as it makes things easier. Sorry, i mixed up the 2 final missions and the shotguns do look like spazes.but still,i loved portland and if someone wants go around portland, he better steer away from saint's mark (which was the best place to have fun with the police)and i still want to go around portland without being turned into a million pieces when i haven't done anything
  2. I've stopped caring a long time ago.sorry,it didn't workbut thanks for the suggestion anyway.
  3. nope,didn't work. it okay guys, i can feel the frustrated sighs every time you read my posts. so its okay if you want to just to stop helping.if nothing works,i will be okay with it and i should know the bearings of liberty city.
  4. um dude,this is gta 3 it doesn't have a map mode. is there some sort of mod to enable a map mode? (this one is off topic)
  5. yea the icon from the hud was gone
  6. sorry i forget the were gone after ammunation and pay spray, sorry i am new i don't know how to edit
  7. i was just loading up gta 3 (load game and stuff) and when the game started the ammunition and pay n spray. they were there the last time,this happened to me twice and im on the 2nd island. so could someone please tell me whats wrong? :'(
  8. Once you finish the mission "Last Requests" the mafia are armed with the spaz-12 shotgun and can destroy your car in 2 shots. really annoying if you want 100 % ovreall:the gang system should have been reworked before making such decision
  9. i like to go around in the gimp suit with the katana and pretend that im a ninja
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