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  1. So I started modding GTA IV for the first time. And I started it up, noticed I only can hold up to 212mb or something of memory. I looked it up and there was a way to fix this. But before, I tried it again, still same memory, but this time textures weren't loading, or we're loading extremely slowly. The way to fix it was to make a txt file called 'commandline' and put it in the GTA IV main directory. Well, inside the txt you had to put: -availablevidmem 3.0 -framelimit 0 -norestrictions -nomemrestrict --- (ignore the lines) they're not part of the file. Just helping me clean the thread. And when I did that, it didn't do anything. I still had a low amount of memory. And textures are still not showing all. PLEASE HELP!!! My comp specs:
  2. Hi guys, i m fairly new to this forum, but i have a problem. Ok for example, i went to install a ferrari mod through SAMI, and i picked it to change from greenwood. So i went to find a greenwood and it was not a ferrari, ive done this with other cars too, it wont show the mods! I really need help ASAP from anyone! If anyone is good at solving me problem here, Thats great Thanks the best! ~Homework
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