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Found 3 results

  1. Rosming

    CLEO Need help

    {$CLEO .cs} 0000: NOP :label1 wait 0 ms if and 0AB0: pressed_button 82 //--------- R key + 0AB0: pressed_button 49 //--------- 1 key 004D: jump_if_false @label1 0002: jump @label2 :label2 wait 0 ms 0247: request #VICECHEE 0002: jump @label3 :label3 0248: request_true #VICECHEE 004D: jump_if_false @label1 0002: jump @label4 :label4 04C4: create_coordinate [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] from_actor $PLAYER_ACTOR offset 0.0 3.0 0.0 00A5: [email protected] = create_car #VICECHEE at [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] 0229: set_car [email protected] color_to 0 0 0002: jump @label5 :Label5 if 0AB0: pressed_button 13 //--------- Enter 004D: jump_if_false @label5a 0002: jump @label6 :label5a if 0AB0: pressed_button 39 //--------- Right Arrow then 03F3: get_car [email protected] color [email protected] [email protected] 0229: set_car [email protected] color_to [email protected] += 1 [email protected] end 004D: jump_if_false @label5b 0002: jump @label5 :label5b if 0AB0: pressed_button 37 //--------- Left Arrow then 03F3: get_car [email protected] color [email protected] [email protected] 0229: set_car [email protected] color_to [email protected] -= 1 [email protected] end 004D: jump_if_false @label5 0002: jump @label5 :label6 0249: request_release #VICECHEE 01C3: remove_references_to_car [email protected] 0002: jump @label1 Can someone please tell me what I'm doing wrong here I trigger the car spawn but then game freezes any help would be nice.
  2. rockingnaj

    pimp my car mod not working

    a big box is apearing no text
  3. Hi guys, i m fairly new to this forum, but i have a problem. Ok for example, i went to install a ferrari mod through SAMI, and i picked it to change from greenwood. So i went to find a greenwood and it was not a ferrari, ive done this with other cars too, it wont show the mods! I really need help ASAP from anyone! If anyone is good at solving me problem here, Thats great Thanks the best! ~Homework