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  1. makaveli_tha2nd

    The Captured Screens and Video thread

    Are you talking about the ingame camera? If you are how comes my pictures dont save when i take some?
  2. makaveli_tha2nd

    *SPOILERS* The Almighty Q&A Topic!

    He won't die, the feeding thing they put in GTA:SA is just a more interesting way of getting life. As far as i can tell!
  3. makaveli_tha2nd

    Your Customized Vehicles

    I've done a few, cant remember which. think i did a lowrider and put the third colour scheme on, the red flames on the front of the car, the 2 bumpers on front and back i think and the mega wheels, again, i think. not sure! does that bass boost do anything or just cost you a 100 bucks for nothing?
  4. makaveli_tha2nd

    Will you be getting it?

    your right it was, but would we of got it without 1 and 2? where do u think they got all there ideas from!
  5. makaveli_tha2nd

    Will you be getting it?

    How the hell can you say gta1 and 2 are $hit??? Its what made the series! Plus in there day they where the best thing around! I remember playing the 5 minute demo of gta 1 and loving it, waiting for the day it came out and rushing in to town first thing in the morning to get it! You aint a fan of GTA if you dont like the originals
  6. makaveli_tha2nd

    Enhancing: Experience GTA:SA Like Never Before

    Is the steering wheel only availble for the pc? and are you in the usa? looked all over the net and cant find it anywhere :'(