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Status Updates posted by Noru

  1. RIP Jack Layton, NDP Leader

  2. I just recently got laid off from work with a few others. Things started to slow down and so they decided to make a few cut backs.

  3. Noru

    Hey Ivan, I have been unable to send PM's to you. Keep getting a message saying your unable to use the messaging system,

  4. I was sore for a couple of days and the pills they gave me just made me feel worse.

  5. Not bad, been kinda busy lately. Next Friday I have to get my Wisdom teeth pulled since they have been causing some problems.

  6. Sorry, I forgot the name of her in my old sig. A friend found the image so I'll just ask him again when he comes on Aim or Msn.

  7. Thanks, I made this one awhile ago but decided not use it right away so I used the old one for awhile.

  8. Just seen the messages now...

    Yeah, I like this sig. May use it for awhile longer but not sure yet.

  9. Nope, I forgot all about the other one :P

  10. Lol, I just got bored and decided to edit one of my own.

    I have a better copy on the laptop which I'll upload soon.

  11. Nice, And thanks on the sig.

  12. lol, Thank you

  13. >.> Then wheres the fun in that? Its sometimes funny when someone does it because you don't expect it

  14. Thats sucks then

  15. >_> not my fault. Some dick head flew a plane into me. You know how hard it is to keep it in the air when its smoking that bad to the point where its going to blow? lol

  16. Almost everything XD.

    I like it better then Cod3

  17. Hey Tec, What games do you own for your x-box 360?

  18. Not Much. Been playing Call of Duty 4 online lately

  19. Wait, TFY. Who gave you the powers?

    Ivan, its [email protected]

  20. Sorry, I hardly check this but you already got my PM about LCF. I should check it more

  21. Jf, where have you been man. Most of the gang thought you left

  22. Just fine, how about you?

  23. I think it does aswell =/

  24. I think so. Just a pic my sister found and I just started using it

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