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  1. Paul T.

    LCF's Xbox Live Contest

    793,123 1989 3111989
  2. Paul T.

    GTA B3yond

    Ciaran, add me to that. it's been awhile....
  3. Happy birthday!

  4. oh i see hazer shouldn`t steal it off you

  5. his name is L from a live action movie of Death note.

  6. whos the pitcure of?

  7. C'mon paul he might have used it as a mark of respect for ya. Don't attack him!!

  8. He (Hazer) won't be able to remove it for a while. He got a 28 Day Suspension.

  9. HEY MAN WHATS UP!!!! yea in case if you havent recieved my previous message, remove that personal photo because I had it first out of the two of us.

  10. I see Hazer stole your Personal Photo.

  11. Paul T.

    Ban the person on top of you

    banned for not licking pussy after bed time.
  12. Paul T.

    Ban the person on top of you

    Banned for not watching 2 girls 1 cup which can be found over [this link was removed by Paul T, actually it never existed, I just put this here to cause a distraction or give you a reason to not ban me...]
  13. Paul T.

    The Random Post Topic

    I preditc we make the 11383 post in January 29th.... I WAS RIGHT!
  14. For the server, you should put the camera [the "weapon" for umm movie purposes] and every vehicles but to own it you have to buy it, a weapons shop, and there should be a large selection of character models so people dont look the same a lot. The camera is just for my use because i have plans, ill post a topic later about it if this server is made.