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  1. decided to get back on this thing after seeing GTA V announcement

  2. satakai, you said you can help me create the movie, i was wondering what are your ideas? reply in pm please

  3. sorry dude, don't have any msn, i guess i'm too lazy to create one

  4. to answer your question TG187, i do love metal! do you? what kind?

  5. to reply your comment, RaDi0N, i've seen the simpsons movie since the day it came out, and i still love 'em

  6. haha, i do like the simpsons, i like it the most after GTA, so its the 2nd most things i really love

  7. hey man, you used to be ram the don right? good to see you again

  8. thanks for a good welcome dude!

  9. bneran nyet, gw dr jakarta(oh yeah, and may is your b day isn't it, congratulations dude!)

  10. hey, man, you're from jakarta? me too!!(gw jg cuy!)

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