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  1. Could you be more specific about the problem? Help us, to help you!
  2. Geez man. And I thought I was good at SA Level 1773? That's sick! Amazing! BEAST!
  3. Your game is an original right, as in, not bootlegged?
  4. W00T, WW2 is your favourite war!!

    Mine too!

  5. It's a probelm with your settings/option in the game. I think it has something to do with color-bit(s).
  6. Microsoft Flight Simulator use DX9.0C?
  7. Does Microsoft Flight simulator use DX9C? I don't think so, dude but it may use DX9C. Does your DirectX version says 9.0 C? And not B?
  8. No, using another hard-drive for installation is not the cause for this problem. Since most games today use DirextX 9.0 C, do you experience the same problem for other games?
  9. It's in My Documents -> GTA San Andreas User Files
  10. Well this is weird dude, really weird. If you didn't tweak anything, this shouldn't have happened. Is your game original from teh beginning?
  11. Yeah, that's what I said, the MODELS of the WEAPONS are the SAME for BOTH games. Get it? No, well get with it. And any mods? Or anything you tick-tacked (modded/tweaked poorly)?
  12. I think the models for both games are all the same, the only difference is sound, damage, and recoil effects. Seriously man, those are yhe only difference. Would you be a bit more specific?
  13. I added you to my friends list since your in my gang.

  14. Yup that should, but if you still have problems, be sure to have the most updated Windows Media Player, to either the 9th version or the 10th version with the complete codec package that comes with the official download from the official website of Microsoft.
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