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  1. Howdy folks.

    I've been thinking on what game I should get when my PS2 is fixed (Which probably will be...Soon), and I really like Call of Duty (I have CoD 2: Big Red One, which somehow, doesnt really work, thanks to my brother that never put it back on the box, and I played CoD 3 once), but I've heard that Medal Of Honor is really better than Call of Duty.

    I like CoD because of the Iron Sights, which are really cool :P

    But a cousin told me that Medal of Honor has better storyline, better graphics and stuff...And he seems to hate CoD o.o

    Anyway, I'm confused, even though I probably will get both series of game in the future, but which one should I get first?

    Call of Duty, or Medal of Honor?

    PS: If there is another WW2 FPS game with Iron Sights (If possible) tell me :P

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  3. I consider myself Communist, but I think I'm a mix betwen Nazist, and Communist...CommuNazi, as stated in a "The Simpsons" Episode o.o

    Anyway, No one cares about my political status, so I'm going to my Comments about Adolf Hitler:

    Ahemm...*Takes a paper*, I think Hitler was a really good leader, And I really like his way about a independent country, and it was a very good think to...Well, kill everyone against him, because it's alot ewasier, and if he didnt, it would happen' the same as with J.F.K., or Salvador Allende.

    Also, about racism, it's a missconception, Hitler was not Racist, Also, he killed Homosexuals for Religious Reasons, as AFAIK it is against the Bible.

    well i think hitler did a good job of bringing back Germanys wealth before he want all anti-jew, he did bring back the economy,and telling people Germany was once a great country and was going to be. he did do a good job, but then went power nutz and boom holocaust

    Enuff' said, thats exactly my point of view also.

    Now, about Bin Laden...I dont know a shit about him, sorry the expression o.o

    But yeah, pretty smart, that no one even knows where he is :P

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