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  1. gtadood

    Need help

    One day i will be the most powerful person on this forum.
  2. That movie was NOT scary at all. the 2003 texas chainsaw massacre Movie was scary, But this movie was 10 times less scaryer than the Last one, Was a hafh hour shorter than the last one AND for something That relly happend i wasan't impressd.
  3. gtadood

    Super Bowl

    Well in time he will be back and besides the seahawks could win a game WITHOUT shaun alexzander BUT if they don't make it this year they WILL make it next year!
  4. gtadood

    Super Bowl

    Seahawks are going to win period.
  5. gtadood

    Tommy Vercetti?

    You know Original GTA Master has a BIG mouth thats why he got BANNED from The gtaportable forums! (No offence OGM)
  6. gtadood

    DRIV3R Fans?

    Yeah before i stopped playing that game that was the mission i was on.
  7. gtadood

    Tommy Vercetti?

    I never said he was deffinetly gonna be in VCS, I was simply giving the possibilities. No shit I already cleared that up. Why dont you try reading the other post. Accualy i cleared it up before you did motherf***er. Don't try and steal my credit! Thats you a stealer!
  8. gtadood

    Ice Caps Melting....

    Everyone calm thr f*** down, This is nothing to panic about the earth Isin't going to die and as for the north poll melting well i KNOW that has Done that before this would not be the first time. Don't listen to that stupid ape Al gore.
  9. gtadood

    Ultimate GTA4 Poll

    I agree with PS3 player.
  10. gtadood

    Tommy Vercetti?

    Tommy Vercetti isin't in the game you idiots!
  11. gtadood

    DRIV3R Fans?

    If you liked driv3er then you must be on CRACK!
  12. Lance is like erkial from family matters you see erkial started Out looking like a geek BUT then as you remeamber he later on became Stefan the hunk version of erkial and the same happend to Lance.
  13. gtadood

    Introduce Yourself..

    Hello everybody, My name is gtadood and i just trancferd here from gtaportable fourms, I hope i get a nice warm welcome! P.S. I smoke pot.