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  1. diddnt say hi to an old friend

  2. Happy birthday to a guy that dosent even come on

  3. Happy Birthday.

  4. Happy birthday, punk! :P

  5. what did u buy?

  6. Long time man O.O

  7. Hey your back on

  8. Alright, send me the money.
  9. TFY your item has been sent. thegtaguy send me the money then I'll send you the item.
  10. I'll go to Fort Baxter Airforce Base and get a Hunter then I'll fly to Downtown Ammu-Nation. Then, I'll get alot of M4 clips and alot of PSG clips. Then, I'll fly to the Vercetti Mansion and land on the roof and start plucking all of them off one by one until I run out of bullets then I'll switch to my M4 and jump down and start killing all of them.
  11. Yeah, that's easier. Instead, when you fight Vinny have a shotgun with you and he'll fall off of the second fire. Then just kill his ass with your SMG. I haven't played that game for a long time so I don't remember if you'll be able to get a shotgun at that point in the game.
  12. I think this was the third game. I beat it. It was vicious!
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