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  1. I'd say Blue, but it needs work. Where it says "posted by" <- That things messed up. The banner looks good but Tommy and Fido need to be removed..
  2. Jakk

    I'm Off

    prange! Shame Biggy left, he was cool. Who is going to control us? :'( (I think I'll start posting here more)
  3. Grand Theft Auto News is a GTA website dedicated on bringing you the latest news on GTA San Andreas and any other upcoming GTA games that might appear in the future. GTA News is part of the ShockOnline Entertainment Network along with various other sites. The GTA News Message Boards are located here. Please register and post as they need a big boost to get them going. If you register at The GTA News Message Boards you will also become a member of all the ShockOnline Entertainment Network sites and forums including ShockOnline.com (hehe, I used loads of links without realizing it! )
  4. GTAgaming read their second news post! Can't wait!
  5. I know double posting is not allowed but what did this guy mean?
  6. Erm...what are you talking about? The GTA Jungle is nothing like the GTA Place! Can you explain please?
  7. Any more comments or ratings?
  8. The GTA Jungle - A Grand Theft Auto site. The Site is still under major construction. We aim to bring you a portal to the best Grand Theft Auto sites around the web! The website needs major help and if you are willing to help just contact me on [email protected] (PS. I think I have 30 posts but if I don't I will get them today!)
  9. Jakk

    Shop Hack

    No, my new forum is IB. I changed cause PHPBB is shitty. Thanks guys.
  10. Jakk

    Shop Hack

    Can you please give me a link to d/l a shop hack?
  11. ^sshhhhhh!! Can the The Shadow have a sig? It should have "The Shadow" writen on it.
  12. <-PS2 and GC. PS2 is on top!
  13. The news update on your site is exactly the same as nearly every GTA website around. You could atleast but it in a different context.
  14. Jakk


    Its a joke you fool!
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