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    Best GTA... Old Skool

    ermm sry to inform ya but u haven't voted as GTA1 has no votes . Thanks biggy man, i can alway rely on ya
  2. Thug-a-nomics

    Anyone still have these games?

    F*ck i got them all for 15 englich quid
  3. Thug-a-nomics


    All new skins are great, they make a site look so much better, well that is my opinion -Thugz
  4. Thug-a-nomics

    Anyone still have these games?

    I have them all, i think they are the best games ever made, so i want to have/keep every single one. -Thugz
  5. Thug-a-nomics

    Introduce Yourself..

    Wassup everyone, i hjave just joined this is like my 5th post, i just found this topic . so what is it like at this place, if ya wanna contact me then pm me and i will giva ya my MSN,AIM or YIM addy. Chow, -Thugz
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    I would like to see a stealth plane, bomber, not a jumbo jet. Whatcha think of that one then ?