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  1. They are both cool in there own ways but tommy would smack fido
  2. Well it look like i am back cam man, let me be the first to welcome u Sam
  3. Nikolai Diavolo glad to see you have stopped minin flamin ppl for vot ing fror the PS2 and now u have the GC and PS2 on a par
  4. Brock will whoop goldbergs ass, i don't really like brock but is a superb wrestler
  5. Yep that is their best song, the video is pretty good
  6. Like most before me i voted for HELL Yeah -Thug
  7. I don't really have a favourite gang, and leave the golfers alone
  8. i dunno if yaz like it on here but here we go. I will start with... Game
  9. Well that is if it is on time of course, that would be cool tho, just around ur b'day
  10. They are my favourite band, so what do u guys think of them, are they heard of yet in the US?They walked all over everyone at the brits, that was cool
  11. Online there should be massive gang wars and stuff like that, as skyline said the possibilities are virtually endless
  12. I got mine from Tesco for £15 a while ago in a collectors series pack
  13. It is totally great that San Andreas has now been officially confirmed, i can't wait for the release, even thought it is still a long way off
  14. Yes, i totllay agree, it is a pretty fun mod indeed, i like it Chris man. I am from the pacific ocean
  15. ermm sry to inform ya but u haven't voted as GTA1 has no votes . Thanks biggy man, i can alway rely on ya
  16. F*ck i got them all for 15 englich quid
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