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    Best GTA... Old Skool

    I vote for GTA2 ps. can sum mod plz change 'dunn' to 'dunno' Cheers
  2. Thug-a-nomics

    Word Association

    i dunno if yaz like it on here but here we go. I will start with... Game
  3. Thug-a-nomics

    Favourite Console

    i vote for teh PS2
  4. Thug-a-nomics

    Favourite Wrestler

    My favourite wrestler well a bit obvios is John Cena but closely followed by Rey Mysterio in the smackdown world and... from RAW it is Shawn Micheals and prolly the Taker when he returns at Wrestlemania XX -thugz
  5. Thug-a-nomics

    The Darkness

    They are my favourite band, so what do u guys think of them, are they heard of yet in the US?They walked all over everyone at the brits, that was cool
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    Word Association

  7. Thug-a-nomics

    Word Association

  8. Thug-a-nomics

    Questions about the shop.

    Yep, the shop is better with a lower stock level, i agree -Thug
  9. Thug-a-nomics

    what games will u be getting?

    GTA: San Andreas WWE: Day of Reckoning MGS 3 : Snake Eater GT4 Driv3r ... and more, butr unsure as yet
  10. Thug-a-nomics

    Dawn of The Dead

    it look s pretty good , but i am not sure, i cidnt see it untill it is owt on dvd anyways, it is an 18, and the friggin barstards make u show an identity card
  11. Thug-a-nomics

    Word Association

  12. Thug-a-nomics

    GTAforums.com aint working

    I dunno how to help u wit that dublo, but it may not be advisable to talk/well make topics about other forums here, i am sure u will be ok tho as ur new
  13. Thug-a-nomics

    britans best sitcom

    They are called classic brittish comidies. lol, only fools an horses rock, nothin to do wit horses tho -Thug
  14. Thug-a-nomics

    britans best sitcom

    I voted for fawlty towers, if u want u can go to the bbc website and find exactly the same vote
  15. Thug-a-nomics

    Word Association

    Q (Vaxhall )
  16. Thug-a-nomics

    Word Association

  17. Thug-a-nomics

    Word Association

  18. Thug-a-nomics

    Word Association

    i -Thug
  19. Thug-a-nomics

    gta1 - gold edition

    nope, sorry i really am stuck on that one, have u tried search engines and e-bay?? -Thug
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    Word Association

  21. Thug-a-nomics

    Questions about the shop.

    Yep, it sure did, i used that to stock the shop i only used 1k of that to buy it tho that was all part of my 'police corps gang bank' thingy i am doin -Thug
  22. Thug-a-nomics

    Questions about the shop.

    YEp, well the brass knuckles are already sold out and i stock them in my shop -thug
  23. Thug-a-nomics

    Please vote for my sig !

    That is quite good but isn't the one u are wearing ur first, as u wore that before u shew us this one ??
  24. Thug-a-nomics

    Word Association

  25. Thug-a-nomics

    Another SA wallpaper

    I love these wallpapers u keep doig, the are great