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  1. LOL no, but Importing them is the hardest part, you should be able to do it though.
  2. Lol they have the right to have very small parts in video games...? i hate womans rights groups.. i love woman and think they should have the same rights as men.. but these groups cry about fucking everything... "woman aren't aloud into sport" true but.. maybe that's because of the small amount of woman tha tactually want to play the sport? if it had a bigger support from female players (in any game) then i'm sure it would have a bigger funding and all that... they just cry about fucking everything.
  3. Well it's probably the 2nd best moo mapped island i've seen, the ones in SOL are better but.. thats a given Try making custom models, if you know how to use moo mapper then it shouldn't be too hard.
  4. coming from you? you're asking people to model you a freaking cylinder...
  5. maybe asking for someone to help you make it rather than making a number of similar topics would be good?
  6. Actually im on the team so yes, BUT he has made a notable amount by himself. (heres something i've half made for Gostown.) ohh and Ray sorry but you really need to make better texture maps for you're models. See how my textures don't stretch and such? >VV<
  7. i say you just install the real way, google for a non VCMM version of the car.
  8. there was a nail gun model n txd in the PS2 archive, we've ripped it for PedRising, VC was also going to have a grenade launcher a 2nd rocket launcher.
  9. if its not spawning then you try and use a spawner to get it and youi crash, it means theres something wrong with the mod, uninstall then find it, re install it and try again.
  10. and nail guns and and AND other things, we're using some of them in pedrising.
  11. If DT stands for what i want it to then i'll tell you
  12. you need the whole dff open in zmodeler or 3dsmax then just select the wheels and edit them.
  13. if google doesn't help then no one will.. except Nitzkit in my case
  14. fuck SA, rockstar should recall SA and go out to every buyers home including mine and delete it from their PC's then take the discs and burn them in 1 big lovely fire... BUUUUT im not signing this even though i can't sign it as your actually just asking for our user names.. :/... because vc online sucks, SA online sucks annnnnd SA sucks full stop.
  15. i was 16 in that photo .... :/ NO IS MY 50!!! maaaybe Lol, they've been taken down so we can put an Xmas tree up Lol i hae1 pic where im like.. playing but it was screwed onto a cymbol stand so i doubt you can see me or the drums properly
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