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  1. cool gonna try it now Omfg this sucks donkey balls...nothing changed. I'm going to hang myself
  2. Just wondering if it will make a difference if i change it for a cd crack. I can't find where to download one >< stupid Google. MegaGames.com had cracks but the new download system screwed it up :S
  3. Yeah everything is fine with the control options... I changed the mouse but it did not make any difference and also, the clicking works when skipping the intro. I also wonder if a cd crack will make a difference since my disc might be screwed up
  4. i try it with another mouse tomorrow. gotta sleep actually, if it works a little, i doubt its about the mouse
  5. It has always worked until a few weeks ago. Oh and i have not changed mouse for about a year
  6. Well i had this problem for a long time and i have posted before but only 1 person tried to help me. This was a long a go when i had the problem but now that i started playing again i want to fix it. Anyway, the mouse does not respond in SA but works perfectly fine for anything else. I cannot click or turn the view but when i get to the menu i can still see my mouse moving but not clicking. No its not on Joy pad mode and i have reinstalled the game and checked the mouse/keyboard options(which was perfectly fine). Please help and respond! Btw i have really no idea how it happened, SA just screwed up??
  7. My mouse works fine out side SA, i can see my mouse moving while i'm in the options but i can't click and when i'm ingame, i can't do anything at all.
  8. lol, theres joystick for this game? It was always on keyboard + mouse all the time
  9. I've been playing San Andreas for a while now and it works perfectly well. Anyway, just recently my SA screwed up. The mouse does not respond to anything in SA but works perfectly on anything else. So i can't punch, turn my view or aim. Life is tough without a mouse. I have reinstalled SA and deleted my gta_sa.set but nothing has changed. plz help ><
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