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  1. THEN I WILL TOO WWYDI I ate you mum?
  2. Take break from being "Yo NI**A IMA GANGSTA DOGG!!11" Post Something Embarrassing about yourself! I only learn how to tie my shoelace properly when i was 12.
  3. I would hate to be vegetarian thought there is nothing wrong being one. I just LOVE meat.
  4. ROFL Some Days Are the Worst What a day this was! This morning before school, my penis broke, and I had to suck all the way to school. Then the teacher announced that we would be having a test next week on 83563957 units of our textbook. When I was sucking to the cafeteria, I stepped in horny gays. I couldn't get the lesbians off my shoes! I opened my lunch sack, and then I realized that I had grabbed my leftover lunch from last week. The only things I had to eat were stale semen and horny grapes. Luckily, gay guy had some extra ass juice, so I didn't starve! That afternoon we had gym class. The gym teacher told us we would be fucking today, but I'd left my g-string at home. So I had to suck instead. On the way home from school, I dropped my bag, and all of my penis fell on the ground. At least we had my favorite testicle for dinner! It's been a long day. I hope tomorrow is better. I'm going to put on my special g-string tomorrow morning, just in case!
  5. Sure thing, you guys gotta know why my name is Wacky"Slide"
  6. lawl hereis the real me
  7. My sexiness will cure the sickness too
  8. Shouldn't you start a new topic? I'm bored too... Wackytown Wackytown is a new amusement park located outside Gay Bar. Wackytown has several distinct areas, including Lesbian Bar Blvd., Make-Believe Land, Wild West Land, and Space Land. Best of all, everything has the Wackytown difference built right in. When you first enter Wackytown, you walk onto Lesbian Bar Blvd., which is just like the real place. There is a grocery store selling urine, meat, and poo. There is a bookstore selling orgasm and sexy time. There is even a toy store selling dildo! It's like having Lesbian Bar right in your own back yard. The best area of Wackytown is Make-Believe Land, which includes the “No Tests School,” where students study sex, but where there are never any tests. There is also a demonstration of the “Homework Robot.” Just give your homework to the robot, press the button, and it comes out done entirely correct! It's the wave of the future! We hope you will come visit Wackytown soon. You are sure to have a wacky time!
  9. Cool, i will give you sexual favors in return for Admin power It's tempting ~~~~~ And hey, this game is really fun! /sarcasm
  10. Yeah people do that, i sometimes never get a reply. :'( I'm with you buddy! BTW what is this topic really for? Oh and i have a feeling this topic will become hot!
  11. Makes me wonder what GTA V will do Cool, info but would be kind of hard without the "arrows".
  12. That could of easily been edited, if not Jesus was on drugs.
  13. wow, this topic obviously failed compared to my other one.
  14. Oh come on! /bump Who the hell doesn't like transformers?!
  15. Like i said before they should get laid seriously. Great imagination though, I'd like to think Hello Kitty created this world.
  16. If you could get rid of some things in your life what would it be? Please, no flaming on the people in this forum, keep it to yourself. If you like something they don't like, you can comment about it but don't start anything please. For anything else say it OUT LOUD Jack Thompson The junk in my room that i don't bother cleaning up. Rich bastards for are arrogant and do not care about anyone but himself. sickness Sluts unless they are prostitutes. That would ruin careers.
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