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  1. scream like a girl WWYDI I did your GF?
  2. Heh Happy Birth Day, mine was just 2 days ago.
  3. Post a topic WWYDI I killed Jane and the apes and raped Tarzan?
  4. Oh yeah, the most important thing is Love. The power of Love is unstoppable.
  5. What would you "die" without. Now that we are in the 21st century, we getting uberly spoiled seriously. I would no doubt die without Internet, may sound a bit sad but yes. T.V Hawt Girls My Comp The nature of sexual intercourse.... Me and obviously GTA
  6. Not unless GTA IV has another controversial secret in the game. I obviously hope not either.
  7. Find another forum WWYDI raped Jane and fed Tarzan to the apes?
  8. I would probably be kidnapped by the time i realize if i should take it or not. WWYDI raped Tarzan's apes?
  9. You guys posting = there is a point, if not then why are you posting? Continue the topic without nonsense please. Its really bad because you guys are f***ing this up.
  10. Slyde


    Off topic: My friends says that there is this gang in Japan that kills whoever that masturbates lol.
  11. Slyde


    Don't want to interrupt the "conversation" but yeah. Wow this feels like a private topic since only a number of members are posting, and frequently not that there is anything wrong. And great topic, i can see why its so hot. Back on the topic. To be honest, masturbation isn't really my thing but obviously i feels good and if I'm in the mood i will probably have a go but otherwise really never.
  12. No you suck, dis Optimus Prime and die. OMFG that was probably the best movie i ever seen! Not to be childish or anything but that movie was awesome Watch it and believe it!
  13. lol teenagers with their Rock n Roll instruments these days....am i still a normal teenager?
  14. Cheating is part of GTA, it allows quite more hours of fun gameplay. Maybe only for san andreas because it as funny cheats. Since its gonna be GTA IV, think of the cheats you will get?! Even better than floating cars and that was fun. So Yes definitely, but i cheat in any other game anyway
  15. lol this is even cheap than using cheats
  16. I'm guessing this is the place to start the topic but anyway.. Just wondering what instrument you people play, something new to post about! I personally play the keyboard/piano, a hip version of piano and of course, less work. Been playing for about 4 years. Haven't really done much grades because its only for piano. What do you do?
  17. Doesn't matter, we can just erase you from our minds
  18. Slyde


    Welcome and next time, please post in Vice City Stories Forum (I really wanted say this to a new user, makes me feel pro.) Wish i could help but don't have ps2 or psp :
  19. He's desperate for some American love. That line is probably the main objective in the game That leads to someone and then another path opens and ....................then IT REVEALS AT THE END! I just hope its a better story than SA (Cause the storyline Sucked S***).
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