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  1. Trey

    Lance older than Victor Vance

    WOW you are going to bed right now. Where the f*** do you live? And i'm not finishing nothing with you tommorow.
  2. Trey

    Lance older than Victor Vance

    The only person who is being a dickhead rightnow is douchebag mc Dazza.
  3. Trey

    Lance older than Victor Vance

    Well i don't live near the forst................................................... But You probobly look like a monkey. And you're about as mature as a 12 year old. You suck.
  4. Trey

    Lance older than Victor Vance

    The monkey is acually a pic of you i found on the internet . You Woulden't be able to track me down anyways since you're only 12.
  5. Trey

    Lance older than Victor Vance

    THEY DON'T GET EVERYTHING FROM ROCKSTAR. I don't think Sam Houser would like to spend his day wondering how old Lance Vance is anyways! You people are retarded!
  6. Well if VCS is coming to the PS2 June 6th then i will buy it, P.S. leeds Can port a PS2 game it ain't that hard.
  7. Trey

    Lance older than Victor Vance

    Yes info comes from Rockstar but not the whole thing with Lance being 32, And like i said Rockstar does not write the book so it was the writers Who said Lance is 32 NOT ROCKSTAR. So please f*** off Dazza you ignorant peice of shit. And i ask you to cheak my IP adress because I'm not Adriaan.
  8. Trey

    The Official Grand Theft Auto IV Rumors Thread

    You made this topic over at GTA portable .
  9. Trey

    Lance older than Victor Vance

    Yeah its called the official stratigy guide because its the official guide to GTA: VC it dose not mean that they got the info from Rockstar they Even say that Rockstar dose not write the guide THEY DO IT, They Don't get the info from Rockstar, Rockstar is too busy for writing the Guide book. So the whole thing about them saying Lance is 32 they Pulled out there ass. And P.S. i'm not Adriaan .
  10. Trey

    Lance older than Victor Vance

    Umm it says it in the strategy guides and the creators of the strategy guides have interviews with Rockstar. What do you think they pull this shit out of their ass? No it was NOT Pete you MORON. Go look at the site. You dont know more about GTA, obviously, if you dont even go on the official sites to read the official info. Go ahead and try to flame me, that was your initial reason to join these forums, adriaan. You're obviously Adriaan since you're saying "I know more about GTA than OGTAM.", which is what you said before you banned me. I dont give a shit what I called the damn topic. We went over it and Lance is the older brother, thats it. Instead of making another topic I was changing the topic in here since its what it was initally for on that shit of a site, GTA Portable. You called me a moron which is considerd flaming OGM . And also Rockstar never created the site ethier So you cant say shit unless it came from Rockstar or if you're the judge. Everyone hated you OGM and i'm Glad you were banned. You were obnoxious and annoying.
  11. Trey

    Lance older than Victor Vance

    Hmm, lets see. Lance was 32 in VC, which takes place in 1986; Vic was 28 in VCS, which takes place in 1984. Do the math. Or better yet, let a competent person do it for you, because you obviously failed basic math. Lance would be 30 in VCS. Oo! I know who's the older brother! And WTF is Re-conned? Do you mean pwn3d? 'Cause you didn't pwn anybody. Rockstar never created the guide book IT WAS CREATED BY SOMEONE ELSE! A comony created and wrote It insted and they were the ones who said that Lance was 32 Rockstar never said Lance's age. And i don't Even think they released Victor's age i think only the magazine's have been the one's saying that Vic was 28. And i acually don't care who's older i just think it would be stupid to have Lance older than Victor since Vic is the leader of the buisness. So what the magazines and the writers say dose not really count unless They got it from Rockstar. And most of the bullshit they say dose not come from Rockstar.
  12. Trey

    Lance older than Victor Vance

    1. NO ONE knows who is the older brother 2. I think it was Peat that was killed in the beginning of Vice City 3. Lance was f***ed up because he did drugs in '84 and he always Screwd everything up and numorus times nearly gets him and Victor Killed and even nearly gets him and Tommy killed in the mission in Vice City where Tommy has to save Lance from getting killed. 4. I'm really trying not to flame OGM right now but i think i know more About GTA and you can quiz me. 5. You originaly made this topic about how you belive Lance is older Than Vic but now you are trying to talk about something else so thats Considerd going off topic OGM . Anyways, Back on topic, Just because Lance is taller than Vic dose not mean he's older than Victor i mean at 16 years old i was taller than my sister who was 23! Re-Conned.
  13. Trey

    Introduce Yourself..

    Welcome to the forums daredevilx .
  14. Trey

    Lance older than Victor Vance

    Well i say they re conned it to Vic being older than Lance
  15. From how much of a failure VCS was i'm sure it will come to PS2, Rockstar North may not have the time but Leeds dose. VICE CITY STORIES, COMING SOON TO PS2. Think about it Rockstar Leeds .