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  1. thanks for the comments guys, oh and hi sibraa, nice to see u again
  2. Well, im not audio editor, and as i said, its a remix, so it doesnt have to be anything like a normal song.
  3. Well its not really advertising, its part of the song so its part of the remix lyrics.
  4. Thanks, i understand. Oh and as for the dj willi, lol, i think he's the dj of the song or something.
  5. THE ULTIMATE GTA IV TRAILER Hi guys. Here it is. After many requests to make an Ultimate GTA IV Trailer just like the ones i made for Vice City and San Andreas (which you can find under my account on YouTube), it is finally here. This Ultimate GTA IV Trailer captures many of the best aspects shown throughout all of the trailers released for the game. It is almost completely sinchronized with the song, which was hard for me to do. I suggest to obviously go on youtube and view it in high quality for better viewing. Please go on youtube and comment, rate and most of all....enjoy!!! Songs Used In Trailer: #1 - Timbaland ft Fat Man Scoop - The Way I Are (Remix) #2 - Kanye West - Gold Digger (Reggaetton Remix) #3 - Boney M - Brown Girl In The Ring Don't judge if you haven't watched the whole thing. Enjoy everybody LINK: The Ultimate GTA IV Trailer
  6. When the first San Andreas trailers were released, all of the gta fans went crazy, same goes for the other trailers released for the same game, so what would make a really good trailer for this game? THIS, a remix of the trailers for the game, in other words, The Ultimate Trailer. Enjoy p.s.Youtube comments and ratings are very welcome. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sTMw-TaUiMU
  7. This is the Ultimate Vice City trailer, ultimate because it is an awesome mix of some of the trailers released for the game, plus with a nice eightees song to go with the feel, it makes this mega trailer ultimate!!! Enjoy The Ultimate Vice City Trailer Comments and ratings to the video are very welcome.
  8. This video shows Carl "CJ" Johnson's hood and the way he lives his life there. The video shows you many areas of the East Los Santos area including the people that live there and things that happen there. Suggestions, comments and ratings are very welcome. enjoy http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1dKPqQSdKBU
  9. Hi, This video shows the taxi in GTA San Andreas like you have never seen it before, think of it as a kind of Superman vehicle version, enjoy It may not be perfect but im not a professional so dont be harsh Thanks p.s. Comments, ratings,... are welcome. The Ultimate Taxi
  10. No one made me post it here, i mean, i created it incase you think im copying it from somewhere.
  11. Hi everyone, welcome to "The Collector's Guide To GTA IV". This guide contains all the GTA IV content released so far and will be updated as new content comes out. I have worked very hard on this and i can assure you it will not go to waste, thus meaning it will constantly be updated as new stuff comes out. Here are the sectors of this guide: Sector 1: Sector 1A: Sector 1A is for all GTA IV information/news that has been revealed, and its a link to GTAForums's Factsheet which is updated continuesly. Sector 2: Sector 2A: Sector 2A contains all the screenshots released by Rockstar. Sector 2B: Sector 2B contains all the artwork released by Rockstar. Sector 2C: Sector 2C contains screen captures made during GTA IV's first trailer. Sector 3: Sector 3A: Sector 3A contains trailers/videos released by Rockstar on GTA IV. Sector 4: Updates Sector: Updates Sector is just that, i will write down the updates that i have made to the thread just in case you might not notice the modifications. Credits Sector: This sector is where i give credits to all the sources/people that have helped me create this thread. Ok, now that you know where to look for certain information, lets get started! NOTE: The sectors may and probably will be modified to allow more content in the future. If I do change anything, it'll be written in the "Updates Sector". This link will bring you to the GTA IV Factsheet on GTAForums.com. Click on the image or the link to be directed to the Factsheet. Click Image Or Me This sector is for the official screenshots released by Rockstar. The links lead you to Jordan's website (PlanetGrandTheftAuto.com) seeing as he has high quality un-watermarked versions of the screenshots. Thanks Jordan. Links To All The Screenshots: GTA IV Screenshot 1 GTA IV Screenshot 2 GTA IV Screenshot 3 GTA IV Screenshot 4 GTA IV Screenshot 5 GTA IV Screenshot 6 GTA IV Screenshot 7 GTA IV Screenshot 8 GTA IV Screenshot 9 GTA IV Screenshot 10 GTA IV Screenshot 11 GTA IV Screenshot 12 GTA IV Screenshot 13 GTA IV Screenshot 14 GTA IV Screenshot 15 GTA IV Screenshot 16 GTA IV Screenshot 17 GTA IV Screenshot 18 Thats it for the official screenshots. This sector has links to the official artwork and logos released by Rockstar. Thanks yet again to Jordan and GamePro. Niko 1 (4200x5400) Niko 1 (500x643) Car Shoot Out (5400x3954) Car Shoot Out (878x643) Police (4010x5400) Police (477x643) Here are two artworks that havent been officially released yet but were present on magazine previews of GTA IV: Smoker (800x564) Thanks to geomy :^: Lady With Gun (819x1092) Thanks to KenRos :^: Black GTA IV Logo: http://pnmedia.gamespy.com/planetgrandthef...4/gta4black.jpg White GTA IV Logo: http://pnmedia.gamespy.com/planetgrandthef...4/gta4white.jpg And here is an artwork released with an email sent by Rockstar announcing the date for the 2nd trailer: http://i64.photobucket.com/albums/h176/ton...pd_pullover.jpg Here are some artwork that represent some distinct areas in LC: http://i64.photobucket.com/albums/h176/ton.../114168-1-2.jpg http://i64.photobucket.com/albums/h176/ton.../114168-2-2.jpg http://i64.photobucket.com/albums/h176/ton.../114168-3-2.jpg Here are the screen captures of the first trailer released on the 29th March 2007. Screen Capture 1 Screen Capture 2 Screen Capture 3 Screen Capture 4 Screen Capture 5 Screen Capture 6 Screen Capture 7 Screen Capture 8 Screen Capture 9 Screen Capture 10 Screen Capture 11 Screen Capture 12 Screen Capture 13 Screen Capture 14 Screen Capture 15 Screen Capture 16 Screen Capture 17 Screen Capture 18 Screen Capture 19 Screen Capture 20 Screen Capture 21 Screen Capture 22 Screen Capture 23 Screen Capture 24 Screen Capture 25 Screen Capture 26 Screen Capture 27 Screen Capture 28 Screen Capture 29 And here is a slideshow compiled by me of all the screenshots released, if you dont want to view each shot one by one, watch this video, it also has a very appropriate song: Link To Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hpOO90IKSqA In this sector, i present you with the trailers released for this game. Official Trailer 1 released on 29th March 2007: For now there are no gameplay videos released! Here i will list the updates of things i do to this thread. UPDATE: (28th May 2007) This thread has been massively modified and has been improved majorly. UPDATE: (29th May 2007) Ive added my GTA IV SlideShow video to Sector 2C for much easier viewing of all the screenshots. UPDATE: (3rd June 2007) Ive added the 3 new artworks released by Rockstar that were present as backgrounds in some magazines. UPDATE: (20th June 2007) Ive fixed a couple of broken links within the guide. Here i will give thanks to the sources/people that without them i couldn't of made this guide. Thanks to TheGTAPlace.com for making me post this. Thanks to GTAForums.com for the information. Thanks to Jordan & his site (PlanetGrandTheftAuto.com) for the screenshots, artwork & logos. Thanks to Youtube.com for the videos. Thanks to PhotoBucket.com for hosting my pictures. Thanks to geomy for his assistance and determination in making this guide better. Thanks to KenRos for his artwork. And finally...........
  12. Nice thread make sure you keep it updated as more news comes out so people will find this topic usefull
  13. Sydney is beautifull, lovely beaches, tourist attractions, although i dont think it would suit a gta location
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