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  1. Al the Killer

    CJ Reference Maybe?

    Oh yeah I can imagine it. CJ's physique really depends on how you want it, remember.
  2. Al the Killer

    CJ Reference Maybe?

    Easier if it's right here than having to put the UMD in, load up the game and find it, no?
  3. Al the Killer

    CJ Reference Maybe?

    Could you post a screenshot?
  4. Al the Killer

    GTA:VCS/LCS Modding.

    Wow. Let's hope people take this further and we end up with some full blown custom models and bikes. Well done!
  5. Al the Killer

    fav heli, boat, and car

    It's just a thread that isn't really required. And not his first either, and far from the first on this forum.
  6. Al the Killer

    fav heli, boat, and car

    *cough* Stop spamming you stupid noob. Stop making crap threads. Sorry for the flaming, but it's people like you that make me think this forum is full of noobs, and I'd be better off in GTAForums.com or Neoseeker's GTA: SA forum. Just stop it.
  7. Al the Killer

    best fetures of vice cty

    He's talking about VCS...
  8. Al the Killer

    best fetures of vice cty

    We already have a thread about this. What is it with members here?
  9. Al the Killer

    Fav Gta Game?

    Hahaha I was about to say my prediction, but after voting and seeing the results so far...I was exactly right. SA was better than VC, but VC has so many memories, and was just so good. VCS also had a lot of stuff, but definately not my fave.
  10. Al the Killer

    New Features For Gta Vcs

    VCS gave the gang version a new paintjob and rims though
  11. Al the Killer

    New Features For Gta Vcs

    Street Fighter wasn't in SA. And I believe it isn't the only new bike, doesn't the cop bike have a new name and look? What about all the new cars? This might've been acceptable just after release...Right now it's kinda pointless, as well as incorrect.
  12. Al the Killer

    My Thoughts For Gta Vcs

    Well said, for the most part. Tried leaving it on the charger? It works!
  13. Al the Killer

    The Malibu

    Was that the one that Lance was chasing those guys for blowing up his Infernus? I jumped the Malibu in that mission. XD
  14. Al the Killer

    New innovative thing in gta4

    If it was an add-on downloadable type thing (you must mean expansion), then it would be downloadable. The graphics are modified to suite the city and the scene better. The handling? Oh now that's where you're really wrong. The handling in Vice was upgraded (albeit not a great deal) from GTA:3. But to say SA had the same handling? Did you not even notice the ability to drift and wheelspin properly? If VC is a mod, every sequel ever is a mod. How is Driver 2 any better than the original? New cities, ability to leave your car...Thats it.
  15. Al the Killer

    New innovative thing in gta4

    Oh dumbass you say? The only thing GTA:3 and VC had in common was the engine, which is the same engine San Andreas used (it's called RenderWare). Are you going to tell me SA is a mod too? There goes your biggest argument. VC had a new landscape (without the old one included) different vehicles, 3 times as many weapons, new vehicle types and classes, a different feel and color pallette, more radio, better radio... In other words, despite you claiming that VC was simply GTA:3 modded, Vice City is better in every way, and whats more completely different in every way. It doesn't look or feel the same! What makes SA not a mod then?