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    Tips: General Stunting Tips

    Max out your biking skills and you won't fall off that often
  2. My 2nd stunt movie... Check it out and write your comments only 23 mb and 9 minutes long http://rapidshare.com/files/9380064/inters...e_0001.wmv.html Streaming link:
  3. Byzzy Byz

    Do you have any talent?

    Thx Kokane To tell the truth, I'm not very experienced in drawing portraits. This is my fifth portrait but I'm very glad that u like it I promised that I'll keep the pictures flowing. Today I'll post a drawing of BloodRayne and the most complex graff of mine so here are the pics as promised: and the 2nd: Sorry for the quality! It's this bad becouse my blackbook and I went trough a lot and it's not in it's best shape It reads: CMS it's the name of our graffcrew. It means Catch Me Suckaz Peace.
  4. Byzzy Byz

    Do you have any talent?

    Thanks Ja├že! When I'll have some time I'll put up some portraits and graffs of mine if thats ok with u peeps
  5. Byzzy Byz

    Do you have any talent?

    Hello, y'all! I'm a graff artist and I've got a talent and passion for drawing... Check out my portrait about E-40 Sorry for the photo but my scanner is not home so.... I await your comments BTW This site rulezzz!!