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  1. !!saving ryans privates!!

    tutorial for mod making

    no problem
  2. !!saving ryans privates!!

    Looking for a car?

    iwould really like a new shape suzuki swift or a toyota mr2
  3. Your name, avatar, grammar, and the crap you put in the VCS section is dumb and idiotic. That's why me and some other apparent person rates you a 1. I usually don't do this but you're the one I really think is... something.

  4. !!saving ryans privates!!

    my game is running really slow

    yeah just bought san andreas for my pc and installed it but it runs in slow motion almost. i have 256mb of ram do i need to get more ram for the game to run smoothly?????
  5. !!saving ryans privates!!

    vice shity stories?

    vc is better live with it
  6. !!saving ryans privates!!

    vice shity stories?

    You really are an idiot aren't you? if sony made the console more powerfull... 1) release could have been delayed, making people feel let down by sony, discouraging them from buying sony products... Sony loses money... 2) the console would be more expensive, again discouraging buyers, la la la , sony loses.... And also... UMD's BITCH!, way smaller than freakin DVD's so rockstar had less 'room' to play with. DUH! Those who say it is a crap game compared to VC are morons, second rate morons with no sense of reasoning... Oh, that's you then! sony does not have much of a reputation anymore...psp fans like me have been waiting since early 2006 (january) for the release of gran turismo mobile and a week before its release date they call it off and put it forward 3 months...its now 2007 and still no f***in sigh of gt mobile till f***in march..oh wait it might be june...no wait september..oh shit sorry this is sony were talking about november 2009...get my point. they could have made the psp better and vcs was not as good as vc..the draw distance is shite the graphics are good but the road disappears when driving fast in a feckin perenial! and there is f*** all origional stuff in the game that everyone enjoyed so much. the only good things about the game is the new vechiles like the jet ski for example...but overall vcs is not as good. i know its only a petit psp with a small graphics card but come on it is no match for vc!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. !!saving ryans privates!!

    [Tutorial][Zmodeler]How to make cars [Full Guide]

    ooooopps sorry there is too links simalir!!! http://www.zmodeler2.com/?mode=dl&ID=3 have fun hope you have plenty of time on your hands it takes ages if your learning
  8. !!saving ryans privates!!

    Help Make a car

    your a rectum ranger...you cant get spastic cars from every shit movie you happen to watch people cant be arsed makin all these cars so pick the best from what is there. and i mention that site alot because it is good so f*** off
  9. !!saving ryans privates!!

    tutorial for mod making

    your a nobb i already have a full tutorial of how to make on the pinned...and everyone is lovin it so far so try reading it you might learn something
  10. !!saving ryans privates!!

    Can u Make This SUV?

    you dont need it you want it!!!! besides fords are shite especially the american ones....you can not download everycar because people only make good or attractive cars
  11. !!saving ryans privates!!

    Help with a little project

    http://www.grandtheftauto.fr/downloads/c75...-par-marque.php this has all cars..good luck though findin a shite ford focus estate...the hatchback will be easily enough found
  12. !!saving ryans privates!!

    [Tutorial][Zmodeler]How to make cars [Full Guide]

    http://www.zmodeler2.com/?mode=dl&ID=4 this is the page and it will automaticly start the download for you...
  13. !!saving ryans privates!!

    [Tutorial][GTA][Photoshop]San Andreas Texturing

    just like slayer said you need zmodeler...i have a great tutorial on the top of this modd forum you really need to look at so that you can learn to make cars. i have started one but couldnt be arsed finishin it....there is instructions in my tutorial in the modd forum that will tell you where to get the software and how to use it...have fun.....
  14. !!saving ryans privates!!

    Can u Make This SUV?

    this is the best i could find for you....http://www.grandtheftauto.fr/downloads/c51/1549,1994-ford-explorer.php look for something on the page like this and click on it......• 1994 Ford Explorer — (809.27 Ko - 327 fois) then a window will pop up, there will be 3green boxes on the left hand side click on the dowload link on the second one...it will say this...........Server : Serveur Public #2 - France (100.00 Mb/s) Users : 12/30 (0*) - Wait time : None Max speed per user : 2.00 Mo/s Infos : Serveur pour connexions très haut-débit. Download then another window will come up and the click on the download box and save the file..... the ford explorer i found you looks like this.....