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  1. Man.. I can barely understand what you said, after you finished the flying school, you should see a red marker thingy next to the plane in the small hanger...which is the mission after you finished flying school, Tho..this might not be the right anwser because im not sure what exactly you said sorry...
  2. San andreas (Since i got a bigger tv, ive started playing this more.) Vice City Stories (Great portable game.) Vice City (Also good but i don't like it no more because i saved my game with the ped riot cheat on lol!!!) Librety City Stories (Good...) Gta 3 (First 3d Gta but not that good compared to other Gtas) Gta 2 (Back in the day i used to play this heaps on the Psone.........Now it's Crap!!) Gta 1 (Same as above....) Gta London Expansion (never Actually played the expansion pack...) Thats my list...
  3. I hope you mean 2 game hours and not 2 real hours. Well 2 hours in real life trying to get it right lol,after that once you've done it lots of times it takes like 20-24 minutes.
  4. Yep thats true, i used to spend like 9 minutes trying to find my way out. Lol
  5. hey dude i heard your from western australia

    where do you live

  6. I agree with lots of people here....The U.K version sucks and Gas sucks,the only good pimp my ride is the one with West coast Customs in it.
  7. I cheated to much, so on this level i couldn't catch mad doog but by using the slow-mo cheat on the ps2 it works
  8. Calm down. He was just curious. Yeah, ok sorry. But i was just giving my (somewhat agressive) opinion and think that people should play games without cheats first, to get more out of their games, just my 2 pence... I agree, i haven't used like any cheats besides 1 (Perfect Handling to get into the planes at the airport,if you don't what im talking about,goto that 'New Glitch-Riding Planes Topic').Tho cheats sometimes give you some wicked stuff.Tho i never use cheats during missions.
  9. The easiest way to do this is to enter the Perfect Handling Cheat,which makes cars jump,now go get a Baggage Carrier thing from the airport (Since it's very small theres a less chance of being ran over by it) now just find the landing plane and jump on it's right wing by pressing Down on the d-pad to jump.Now the hardest part getting inside,stick to middle of the plane not exactly in the middle but pretty close....now walk towards the door as close as possible on the edge of the wing and tapping triangle as fast as possible while keep walking towards the door and if your lucky you will get in. This Is Incredibely HARD, you won't get it first time (Like me the 70th Time i got it..lol).To get out just wait for the plane to land...and when it's approaching it's take off zone keep on tapping triangle and you should be able to get out. If you don't know which door it is on the right wing,It's the door nearest to edge of the rear of the right wing. I hope this helps some people...................
  10. Strangely ive never actually noticed the missing prescence of the katana sword...I don't think it's in the game, but im not sure myself. Oh im sorry that this doesn't help you lol.
  11. Lol because it would cost alot... Ps3: $999 Aus Xbox 360: $600 Or around there?Aus Price Wii: Not sure ..Like $400 Aus. And............. Also i doubt someone want's to get all three with the same games,and having to change inputs on your Hi-Fi or stereo,And Tv and that each time you wan't to play a different console.
  12. Nope Ppl..Don't worry i got in the plane 3 times and more after what seems a million tries lol..It's about time,(I don't need any help now).
  13. Can someone give me some tips on how to do this (Ive tried like 60 times and never got in) I keep on: Getting squashed,Ran Over by the plane,fell off....the list goes on Lol..Help!!
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