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  1. Wasent there someone working on making DX10 to run on XP ? Lets hope it can be done. PS3 exclusive contents as wll, hehe another blow for Microblows
  2. I mean , whats the point of opening the boot of a car ? . (Unless there is some purpose in a mission do) , like the bank heist in VC. Dunno but IMO there are much to much "features" in the latest games (not only GTA). I played and finished GTA III and also VC about 4 or 5 times . SA , well i dident finish once , got bored killing rival gang members, after the 10th or 12th attack on my territory. My point is : the game creators should be better using their expensif programming time to the "Fun and Enjoy factor" then to features. Why did i enjoy much more playing Doom I then Doom 3, dunno, there both shooters, with Doom 3 i got bored after the xth number of ennemies. As i said, this is just my personal opinion. Or maybe is it the features wich are the selling arguments of a game, just like graphics.
  3. All those new features are very nice, as long they dont forget to make the game enjoyable.
  4. There is no distinction , at present, between regions for PS3 games. Its possible tp play American and Japanese games on a European PS3 for example.. Contrary to movies who will be regionalized.
  5. So i guess Announcement about Mid December. Release about Mid Juin. Keep fingers crossed. Rockstar, if you dont release GTAIV for PC , i never buy another game from you Hardware problems is on the consoles I'm sure Hot Coffee made them sell 10% more copies.
  6. Does someone remember when Rockstar announced the PC versions of the previous GTA's in the past ? I was wondering, if a PC version will be released, if they shouldnt have already announced it by now. Its about 6 months to the PS3 release, usually , if i remember correctly, PC versions where released bout 6 months after the Playstation versions in the past. Just wondering...
  7. Piracy has always existed, on consoles to, not only on PC, By the time GTAIV is released there is a good possibility XBOX360 and PS3 will also be cracked. In fact XBOX360 already is , with limitations... ok. Hardware is not a issue here , by the time a eventual PC version will be released, if ever, talking > a year from now, the hardware of the middle of the run PC will largely overlap the hardware of the 2 latest consoles, the XBOX360 is already starting to be outdated now. Its all a question of , what will be the costs for converting the GTAIV Engine to PC, will the PC sales outweigh the conversion costs ? With the PC version there is a big issue of hardware compatibilty , i think this is THE big difference with the consoles versions. BTW , I intent to buy a PS3, solely to play GTAIV, so i will certainly buy a PC version. PS , just found out about a Keyboard supporting the PS3, hope this keyboard, will make the game a bit more playable
  8. Dunno if this has been mentioned before, dont want to read 94 pages but i 'd like to see some kind of intelligent gameplay where a mission is made easyer after a few failed attempts, abit like the AI reactions in Farcry. I hate to go through a mission 7 or 8 times like some in SA. After viewing this trailer, i hope that all the attention to graphics doesent remove some of the gameplay in the game. IMO the game developers should pay more attention to gameplay then good looks, this for all the latest games, for example DOOM3 is wonderful looking but i dident feel the same as playing for example Doom2 in the past. I have the same with VC and SA, i think i replayed GTA3 and VC about 5 times already but never finished SA a second time. In SA its not that much the graphics (almost the same as VC) but all the extra options wich i find unnecessary and boring after a while, like having to eat, gang wars etc. After all, it's still a game, if the player wants to enjoy the scenery he can look at a documentary. I feel like many new games loose a lot of the fun of playing due to all the attention around how the game will look and run on the latest computer or console. I would prefer very much a VC style GTAIV but also available for the PC. Guess game developers just want to sell as much copies as possible and the looks is the best selling argument. Well, this is only my personal view. BTW , no info on a PC version yet ?
  9. When this game will be released for pc (eventually) the 360 will already be old hardware. The average PC specs will be more then enough to play this game.
  10. Hello everyone, Sorry if this has been asked before but, the poll on this web site mentions that 53% of the people want a PC version, what are the chances of Rockstar not releasing a PC version ? Even eventual rumours are ok , i'm desperate Liberty City Stories and Vice City Stories... well i would also buy a PC version and i guess i wouldent be the only one. ROCKSTAR are you reading... I tried but i cannot get used to playing a game like GTA without mouse and KB. balbaro
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