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  1. Anyway i dont have the time to talk to someone high pitched little kid ! Over 2,000 posts are you sure you have a life ? Anyway theres no point of answering back because it means that you have played my little mind game and already have ! bye bye
  2. Yeah ok little kid go and play with your mummy ! Nah i have more intelligence then a lima bean i passed my exams ! Winding you up is so fun and easy !
  3. The only things PS3 owners have to look forward to is the new Ratchet and Clank game and MGS4. Other than that, it's nothing. Killzone 3 will suck like the first one. (BTW, Killzone:Liberation (PSP) was actually Killzone 2.) Xbox 360 is still cheaper than the PS3. Besides, there's really no reason to think up of a hypothetical situation where the PS3 and Xbox 360 is released on the same day. PS3 lost by being released. As for that price drop, they really just used turd polish on crap-ola. Kinda like what they're doing with Killzone 3. It's useless. Name three people who have a PS3, but not a PC. The PS3 is not a gaming machine. It's still an overpriced piece of technology. Blu-ray and web browsers have nothing to do with games. Gameplay does, and the PS3 brings nothing to the table. WnN2 we need to make a new name up for you sinice you have passed the stage of being a fan boy ! One fact that the PS3 beats 360 PS3 is only using 10% of its power !
  4. The first two sentences are okay. However, the last one is a Frankenstein constructed of nonsensical insults with no logic, order or anything. Don't get pissy with me because you bought a PS3 and now have to live with it. Also, you don't fucking know me. You know nothing about me or my real life. Carry on, and you will be facing some deep retribution. Haha Ive got an xbox 360 ! Unlucky , I dont really want to know anything about your personal life ! Deep Retribution- haha you should be a stand up comedian
  5. Is English your first language? Because the last half of that first sentence seems put together with random words. "Peter Moore talks shit", boo-fucking-hoo. If you wanted the DLC, then you shouldn't have bought the right system. Business. Microsoft wants the 360 version to sell more than the PS3 version, so they'll throw any amount of money to get any edge on the competition. As for whatever Sony has scheming, they're maybe just begging that GTA 4 won't ported to the Wii. Well i did not sign up to this forum to take a english test ! And really i dont care what you think ! I have seen your type before big ego online small little boy in real life !
  6. I was thinking that ! I was thinking that the PS3 version would be better because that rockstar said this ! So what if xbox 360 got exlusive content it dont mean jack shit if the game jerks or rockstar have bigger with it problems ! Peter moore talks shit !
  7. Yeah well they dont have the time to make it prefect ! There trying to build the greatest one gta this year !
  8. Really i would not call anyone a Retard with your avatar !
  9. When you see donald love some guy works in front of the camera for a sec !
  10. Dont think so it wont make sense if it did ! Why ? Vista has more problems than XP ... Only M$ would benefit ... You just answered your own question !
  11. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VauqsQNvf0g Might be him ?
  12. I was thinking that the pc version might have a expansion pack later on in 2008 with all the content from the exclusive episodic content that are going to be on the 360. I could see this happening because they could make lots of money if they make the game require vista to run it and if they realese them in two parts for the pc say 20 quid each. If they did this it would not make microsoft look so stupid for paying 50 million for the extra content. And lets face it they would do anything to get people to upgrade to vista ! Edit : This means that if GTA 4 is a vista only game , The pc owners will also get online play ! Like they did with Halo 2 !
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