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    The "old" Gta IV trailer!?

    Yeah it is definatly city Life, although it's not that bad of a game if your into that sort of stuff.
  2. drewmac

    boat poll

    I honestly didn't know any of the plane suggestions except for the UFO, anyway all of them sounds good and how about a Chinook and an Osprey (not the bird lol).
  3. drewmac

    >>GTA4 Wishlist<<

    Yeah, id really like to download custom made content like u can on the PC versions, its not like theres not enough HDD space or anything. Prbly wont happen but im sure some one could make it possible.
  4. drewmac

    >>GTA4 Wishlist<<

    I like Rashons Ideas of being able to turn the speedometer on and off in the settings menu, this way it makes everyone happy.
  5. drewmac

    >>GTA4 Wishlist<<

    I think that they send some of the wishlists to R*, but whether they read it or not is anyone's guess.
  6. drewmac

    Ultimate GTA4 Poll

    Well, I wouldn't mind a fictional city that had buildings and landmarks from London and also various other cities. But I would like it to be set in America/have an American theme to it. Also some of the crazy buildings from Dubai would be great too.
  7. drewmac

    Ultimate GTA4 Poll

    This is one of the replies that may start an argument. Yeah sorry about that I'm not trying to start anything. I live in Britain myself, I just think somewhere outside the UK would be more interesting.
  8. drewmac

    GTA London?

    Anywhere but London! Almost everthing about the place sucks. Sorry if ur English or live in London, just my opinion. Somwhere in America would be great or even a city based on Dubai. Have you seen what there building there, it's crazy
  9. drewmac

    Ultimate GTA4 Poll

    I'd hate to have a GTA London, with all there annoying accents, the crappy black cabs and the dull atmosphere. It just doesnt do it for me.
  10. drewmac

    >>GTA4 Wishlist<<

    I've been thinking about this for along time just never wrote it down, it's quite long so I don't mind if you don't read it. I'ts in no particular order: -More vehicles, including cars, bikes, planes, helis, submersibles and stuff like skateboards scooters ect. -Be able to destroy or partially destroy buildings and, well everything else around you. -Better game graphics and physics. -Variable weather e.g storm, hurricanes, tornadoes and snow + when it snows everything get covered in it. And when there's a storm ect. stuff gets destroyed, cars get blown away and the odd cow flys across the screen. -Type of weather affects the landscape. e.g hot weather - everything dries up, roads crack and trees and grass are brown/orange and dusty. Wet weather - rivers and flood-ways fill up, really bad rain makes streets and homes flood, trees and grass appears very green and alive. -Better interaction with enviroment, e.g cut down trees, roll big rocks down hillside, blow holes in the ground with explosives and all that sort of thing. -Loads more weapons including things in the enviroment such as rocks, sticks, garbage cans and bottles. - Loads more more options for car and bike modding including neons, spinners More variation in body kits and wheels. Also practically everything can be modded. -more garages for planes and also boats. -More customizable options such as gangs, house and your character. Quicker load time for changing clothes. -Random house come up for sale instead of preset ones. Also buy land to build your own house, business, hotel or anything else. -Run businesses. -Get a job (optional). -Better fighting moves for close combat, e.g combos that you pick up along the game. -Better car damage/crash physics. -NO GTA LONDON!! -Set somewhere in America, Tokyo or Dubai. -Bigger game map. (duh) -Realistic body damage e.g blood, bullet wounds, bruises and maybe broken limbs. -Possibly be able to do sports such as basket ball, football, golf, tennis ect. -Speedometer. -Bullet holes on cars, building, trees and anything else. -Be able to get a taxi, bus, plane, train ect. to where you what to go with out actually stealing it. -Be able to move about the interior of a plane, train or boat including cruise ships if included in the game. -Way more building interiors and any other interior that there might be. -More hidden/secret/unlockable stuff. -More islands, big and small. -Use spray cans and even tins of paint to tag buildings, cars ect with your own design. -The newspaper idea with the headlines of crimes that you have committed. -Possibly the inclusion of natural disasters like earthquakes and stuff would be cool. (but to often). -Better multiplayer. Also be able to play through the storyline in multiplayer. -Better radio stations and also be able to play your own music on it and they could even have downloadable radio stations. -Be able to lock you car door. -Plant bombs and co-ordinate attacks. -When you get busted the cops drag you out your car, wrestle you to the ground and put handcuffs on you. -Also when you get busted you get charged according to your crimes. -You can download mods other people have made like you can on the PC version. -Or rockstar have loads of downloadable content ranging from story missions to new vehicles. -Better character AI. -More missions and of varying difficulty. -GPS type thing where it plans the quickest somewhere and tells you where to go. Maybe there's arrows pointing the way, the road to take is highlighted or some hot woman is telling to take the next left. -The ability to CLIMB LADDERS. -Fire missions have you putting out building fires. Also fire can spread and actually destroy stuff, unlike SA. -More realistic fire and water. -Car explosions and any other explosion looks way more realistic. Sorry for the long list and thank you if you read it all, or most of it.