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  1. No difference for me either. Still about 8-13fps. :/
  2. Even if you could, it would be very slow.
  3. Well, I tried GTA4 on my laptop now. I get 10-14FPS, 18-22 indoors. And I can't get more. Doesn't matter how much I tweak it. D: Atleast it's playable.
  4. I got new laptop some days ago, since my desktop is broken. This laptop is more powerful than my desktop anyway, so I ask if I can play GTA 4 with atleast 20-25FPS. Laptop:Fujitsu Siemens Amilo PA 3515 Processor:AMD Athlon X2 QL-62 2.0ghz Memory:4GB DDR2 RAM Video Card:Ati Mobility Radeon HD 3200, Shaders 4, with 64MB it's own memory and 1.5GB from RAM memory, so it leaves me 3GB RAM. Display:15,4" OS:Windows Vista Home Premium I don't plan on playing with best settings, I am fine with low resolution(Like 800x600) and lowest settings. Sys Req Labs said it is good expect for processor, but that site reads numbers anyway.
  5. They have kind of detected all ways, so you can't register outside of UK anymore, I was lucky that I registered before they removed these ways. EDIT: Should work now.
  6. Dang, even that doesn't seem to work. Let this thread die please.
  7. Sorry for broken link, they found it out I guess. You should be able to register again now, unless Proxify is busy.
  8. Spotify Listen to music online for free. New way(This one should really work) Spotify Registration If it doesn't work, go to http://secretproxy.pl and then put https://www.spotify.com/en/get-started in there.
  9. 4.30 hours still to go here. I don't have any fireworks this year.
  10. I searched for my country and ROFL'd much.
  11. Yeah, there is only 1 person living in it too.
  12. Estonia, Tartu. Ugliest house in this town.
  13. My new monitor is better...well not that much. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...=samsung%20t220 But my PC fails, I even can't think of GTA 4 while I have this PC.
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