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    My ideas for Gta V

    That dmm thing is creat! Would work good with euphoria! Nice ideas!
  2. little_homer

    Post your mugshots v3!

    first time posting here...
  3. little_homer

    Your Personal Hate list

  4. little_homer

    Big Community Thread

    im happy
  5. yeah played the game for years now, one of the best games there ever was...

  6. little_homer

    urban dictionary

    Dude, I don't wanna go to that party unless Chris comes.
  7. little_homer

    urban dictionary

    Miko 55 up, 5 down love it hate it An extremely epic and kick-ass moderator. Known mostly for draining the life out of ban-dodgers and hopeless noobs. Her origin's are mostly shrouded in mystery, and if you ask her where she lives she'll simply reply "Mikoland". - inuyashalover9000: who the f#ck is MIKO???// - !!!inuyashalover9000 was booted from the chat by miko!!! 14 445 up, 157 down love it hate it The age of sexual consent in CANADA. When you turn 14 you can be fucked. ME: Now that you're 14 we can FUCK! HER: *SLAP*
  8. little_homer

    Lady Gaga has a disco stick

    Didnt quite hear what (s)he said :=O
  9. little_homer

    Big Community Thread

    just lost my virginity in the woods
  10. hi, you like driver?

  11. little_homer

    Your Personal Hate list

    I dont know about the tits, but something like that..
  12. little_homer

    Your Personal Hate list

    1. People who like m.j all of a sudden 2. Goths 3. Emos 4. Horses 5. Gay people 6. Sweden 7. Russia 8. Automatic transmission 9. Ads 10. Airbags 11. /hc/ 12. My stupid aunt 13. My pe teacher 14. Small tits thats all i can think of
  13. little_homer

    GTA Chinatown Wars Rumor in psp

    It is true, it was on the news page weeks ago, dont remember the date though...
  14. little_homer

    New computer

    the links you shoved me didnt have a single comp under 600e
  15. little_homer

    New computer

    So im in a need of a new computer and heard theres a site called tigerdirect. I searched for a while and there were many cheap gaming computers but not in my price range -600e Then i found this. The specs look good from what i heard... But why is it so cheap? And what does the barebone mean? And does tigerdirect ship to Finland?
  16. little_homer

    New computer

    those are pretty expensive... im buying the pc with my dad we both pay half for it... I dont have any relatives that live in the usa nor in any country expect finland and germany, and i said im cool with the shipping cost...
  17. little_homer

    New computer

    Yeah, im not the kind of a computer geek... But can someone recommend me a med gaming computer from the -600e price range? Also, i checked for the shipping and the cost is about 50e and im cool with it... If i buy a gaming computer in here Finland, it get too expensive.
  18. little_homer

    Big Community Thread

    The moped is a rieju rr. But what we went to see was a piece of crap. Still searching for a better near our town. The thing is that i only have money for a used moped about 1200 euros...
  19. little_homer

    Big Community Thread

    Going to get a new moped Im real happy right now
  20. little_homer

    True Roleplay [SAMP]

    I believe an rp name is like a real name like Charlie Wood?
  21. little_homer

    Raybob back to modding.....

    i didnt know they sold pepsi in bags
  22. little_homer

    GTA IV vehicle mod round-up #2

    Yeah, fckin mods. Makes me wanna buy a new pc and gta iv to it. but no money no honey
  23. little_homer

    Your Games Collection

    I sold all my games on the ps2 and the console itself, because i needed the money for an xbox 360. The games i have for that are: Cod 4 Cod 3 Nfs mw Gta iv (and tlad) Crackdown Nhl 08 Saints row
  24. little_homer

    need help how to install mod

    Doesnt the mod have a readme? Probably its just a skin file so you have to replace the old stripper skins.