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    San Andreas
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    DJ In<br />cars<br />girls<br />sleep
  1. DJ X

    Is it possible?

    What moding program do you use to do it
  2. DJ X

    [SA]The Burning Desire

    very good stunt video i think it was great
  3. DJ X

    The Stunting Challenges

    who has the record for the longest wheele
  4. DJ X

    The Universe

    small world, big Universe
  5. DJ X

    Favorite Radio Station(s)

    Radio X thats got some good songs
  6. DJ X

    San Andreas Stories discussion

    the real one will probably have new pictures on them
  7. yea them girlfriends are boring aswell when i get the gifts of them i just shoot them
  8. DJ X


    do you have all the recommended requirements ?
  9. DJ X

    What are you listening to right now?

    DJ-Blade- sound of my dreams (Remixed)
  10. DJ X

    any smokers?

    i have never done drugs and i never will
  11. DJ X

    What are you currently playing?

    just restarted gta san andreas again and am up to where you have to learn how to fly
  12. DJ X

    Big Decisions

    what are going to be in the navy a medic / sniper/ etc.
  13. DJ X

    any smokers?

    before i saw all them sick pictures i have already stoped then about 1 year later i saw the sick pictures
  14. DJ X

    Post pics of cars you like... *sigh*

    i'll try and take a picture of mine aswell mines a 4X4