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  1. What moding program do you use to do it
  2. very good stunt video i think it was great
  3. who has the record for the longest wheele
  4. the real one will probably have new pictures on them
  5. yea them girlfriends are boring aswell when i get the gifts of them i just shoot them
  6. do you have all the recommended requirements ?
  7. DJ-Blade- sound of my dreams (Remixed)
  8. i have never done drugs and i never will
  9. just restarted gta san andreas again and am up to where you have to learn how to fly
  10. what are going to be in the navy a medic / sniper/ etc.
  11. before i saw all them sick pictures i have already stoped then about 1 year later i saw the sick pictures
  12. i'll try and take a picture of mine aswell mines a 4X4
  13. i cant wait to get a PS3 but there but they cost too much i'll wait till they come down in price or just get a second hand one
  14. just make it simple you dont have to insait me
  15. it has to be the real game not a copy so thats why or theres something wrong with your disc
  16. when you change your settings you have to save your settings or it will just keep reseting your graphics card
  17. i hope this stunt video is going to be the best of all the rest
  18. i bet its just the same as XP
  19. if you like drifting you should get need for speed carbon its great
  20. DJ X


    i dont play on it anymore its boring aswell
  21. are i wanted to make gta comic picture with photoshop now i have to get limewire again to get that Illustrator
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