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  1. This game spore has been in developement by Maxis, Will Wright is leading the project. You get to make a crature that starts as a little single cell thing, and your creature evolves as you play, it turns into a land animal and then into a trible creature. It then evolves into the civilization age where you build them buildings and vheicles and such. The space age looks neat and you go and conqer other planets. The game plays almost as a third person adventure/roleplaying and then in the tribal phase on playes like an RTS. The graphics look amazing and it just looks like a lot of fun. The creatures are fully cutomizable giving you a spine and you make it form there with no limitations.

    To learn more go to http://www.spore.com It has videos updates and more, the game is scheduled for realease on October 2nd this year.

    Anyone else know about the game?

  2. I don't know about you all but I want seasons in the game, I want winter and it snows, each season will last like 15 game days or something and you could snowmachine in the winter, instead of having designated areas like its grassy here, etc. I like the idea of needing higher skills but I think you should be able to take missions whenever you want personally I like doing missions when I feel like it.

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